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    How to invite new members to your organization

    Welcome to Tallyfy - your ultimate solution for streamlining your organization’s workflows! In this article, we’ll show you how to invite and activate members in just a few simple steps.

    ​​ Inviting a Member

    To invite a new member to your organization, follow these steps:

    1. Click on Invite+ in the sidebar or in the drop-down menu next to your name. You can also access it through the sidebar Settings or the +Create option in the sidebar.


    1. Enter the member’s information and choose their role - either Admin or Standard.

    member info

    ​​ Activating Your Tallyfy Member Invitation

    If you’ve been invited to join a Tallyfy organization, here’s how you can activate your account:

    1. Check your email for an invitation and click on the Join Now button.

    2. Set a password for your account.

    set password

    1. Once activated, you’ll appear as an Active member in the Settings > Organization > Members.

    That’s it! You’re now ready to collaborate and maximize productivity with Tallyfy. Happy workflow management!