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Magic links

Magic Links in Tallyfy are pre-made links that perform actions and can pass data through the link. With magic links, you can easily create a one-off task or launch a process with just one click. This article will guide you on how to create these magic links.

To access the Magic Links feature, go to Settings > Integrations > Magic Links.

To create a magic link for a one-off task, click on “Get a Magic Link” and select “Create a One-Off Task”. You can customize the URL to assign a unique name to the task.

To create a magic link to launch a process, click on “Get a Magic Link” and select “Launch a Process”. You will need to select a template from your library. The system will generate a unique link with the organization ID and template ID. You can assign a process name and provide values for required kick-off fields in the URL.

Here’s an example of a magic link with a kick-off field:

[Magic Link](,%2007:57am%20-%20Employee%20onboarding&ko_fields=%255B%257B%2522employee-name-223217%2522:"Ruku Kadu"%257d%255d&launchprocess=true)

You can also use the “auto-naming” feature to simplify the magic link syntax. With auto-naming and pre-filled kick-off form fields, the magic link would look like this:

[Magic Link Example](,%2007:57am%20-%20Employee%20onboarding&ko_fields=%255B%257B%2522employee-name-223217%2522:"Ruku Kadu"%257d%255d&launchprocess=true)

You can enter values for different form fields using the syntax provided in the table below:

Type of form field Syntax
Short text box: (string) "short text box value"
Long text box: (string) "long text box value"
Dropdown: (object) {"id":1,"text":"1","value":null,"required":true}
Checkbox: (array of objects) [{"id":1,"text":"1","value":null,"required":true,"selected":true}]
Radio: (string/text) "1"
Datetime: (string) "2021-04-29T00:00:00.000Z"
File: (array of objects) [{"id":"21b98bc82016581f1d32105502071083","url":"organizations/54339011418f12485ca7c5ba821cd585/file/21b98bc82016581f1d32105502071083/dl","source":"local","system":null,"step_id":null,"subject":{"id":"6b7d31b688f4bd738349767d40dff643","type":"Checklist"},"version":1,"filename":"social__5___1___4__jpg.jpg","uploaded_from":"ko_field"},{"url":"","source":"url","subject":{"id":"6b7d31b688f4bd738349767d40dff643","type":"Checklist"},"filename":"","uploaded_from":"ko_field"}]

Besides creating one-off tasks and launching processes, you can perform various actions using magic links. Here are some examples:

  1. Create a one-off task:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=createOotTask&default_task_name=Type in your task title
  2. Complete a task:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=completeTask&task_id=b0d9153016723b3f6f54f152db430f09
  3. Reopen a task:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=reOpenTask&task_id=b0d9153016723b3f6f54f152db430f09
  4. Write a comment to a task:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=writeAComment&task_id=b0d9153016723b3f6f54f152db430f09?comment=Default comment
  5. Edit task deadline:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=editDeadline&task_id=b0d9153016723b3f6f54f152db430f09?deadline=2022-01-20 03:11:02
  6. Update form field:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=updateFormFieldValue&task_id=b0d9153016723b3f6f54f152db430f09?form_fields={"d6410030b7fe633403688e900c5a6ba3":null}

These magic links provide a convenient and efficient way to automate tasks and processes in Tallyfy. Just a click and you’re good to go!