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What is a magic link?

Magic links in Tallyfy are pre-made links that perform actions and can pass data through to Tallyfy via the link. You can manipulate the link itself to pass through data, change values and perform actions.

With magic links, you can easily create a one-off task or launch a process with just one click. To see magic links - go to Settings > Integrations > Magic Links.

To create a magic link for a one-off task, click on “Get a Magic Link” and select “Create a One-Off Task”. You can customize the URL to assign a unique name to the task.

To create a magic link to launch a process, click on “Get a Magic Link” and select “Launch a Process”. You will need to select a template from your library. The system will generate a unique link with the organization ID and template ID. You can assign a process name and provide values for required kick-off fields in the URL.

Here’s an example of a magic link with a kick-off field:,%2007:57am%20-%20Employee%20onboarding&ko_fields=%255B%257B%2522employee-name-223217%2522:"Ruku Kadu"%257d%255d&launchprocess=true

You can also use the “auto-naming” feature to simplify the magic link syntax so that there’s one less thing to pass through and worry about. With auto-naming and pre-filled kick-off form fields, the magic link would look like this:,%2007:57am%20-%20Employee%20onboarding&ko_fields=%255B%257B%2522employee-name-223217%2522:"Ruku Kadu"%257d%255d&launchprocess=true

You can enter values for different form fields using the syntax provided in the table below:

Type Syntax
Short text box: (string) "short text box value"
Long text box: (string) "long text box value"
Dropdown: (object) {"id":1,"text":"1","value":null,"required":true}
Checkbox: (array of objects) [{"id":1,"text":"1","value":null,"required":true,"selected":true}]
Radio: (string/text) "1"
Datetime: (string) "2021-04-29T00:00:00.000Z"
File: (array of objects) [{"id":"21b98bc82016581f1d32105502071083","url":"organizations/54339011418f12485ca7c5ba821cd585/file/21b98bc82016581f1d32105502071083/dl","source":"local","system":null,"step_id":null,"subject":{"id":"6b7d31b688f4bd738349767d40dff643","type":"Checklist"},"version":1,"filename":"social__5___1___4__jpg.jpg","uploaded_from":"ko_field"},{"url":"","source":"url","subject":{"id":"6b7d31b688f4bd738349767d40dff643","type":"Checklist"},"filename":"","uploaded_from":"ko_field"}]

Besides creating tasks and launching processes, you can perform other actions using magic links. Here are some examples:

  1. Create a one-off task:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=createOotTask&default_task_name=Type in your task title
  2. Complete a task:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=completeTask&task_id=b0d9153016723b3f6f54f152db430f09
  3. Reopen a task:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=reOpenTask&task_id=b0d9153016723b3f6f54f152db430f09
  4. Write a comment to a task:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=writeAComment&task_id=b0d9153016723b3f6f54f152db430f09?comment=Default comment
  5. Edit task deadline:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=editDeadline&task_id=b0d9153016723b3f6f54f152db430f09?deadline=2022-01-20 03:11:02
  6. Update form field:<YOUR-ORG-ID>/magic?action=updateFormFieldValue&task_id=b0d9153016723b3f6f54f152db430f09?form_fields={"d6410030b7fe633403688e900c5a6ba3":null}

These magic links provide a convenient and efficient way to automate tasks and processes in Tallyfy from any other system. Just a click and you’re good to go!