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Kick-off Forms

Kick-off forms are like the kickoff of a football game - they get things moving! Some processes require specific information to start, and that’s where Kick-off forms come in. They ensure that the necessary details are filled out before the process begins. You can even link web forms to automatically launch a process when completed. It’s that simple!

​​ Creating & Editing Kick-off Forms.

  1. Open your template and select Kick-off Form.


  2. Choose from different form field options like Short Text Field, Long Text Area, Dropdown List, Checklist, Radio Buttons, Date, and even mark a field as Required or not. You can add as many fields as you need!

  1. Launch your Kick-off form and fill in the required fields to start the process.


  2. Update your Kick-off form fields in an Active Process. Simply reopen the task, make changes, and save them.

  3. The information from the Kick-off form is visible under Process Details for every task.