Your business processes - always accurate, consistent and on-time.

Build a business process in minutes. Share and run it in seconds with anyone. Ensure visibility on any process - for everyone involved. Save an incredible 30% of your work time. Try it now.

Are all your processes done consistently?

Is it difficult to see who is doing what, how and by when – at any given time?

Are you always asking or answering these questions?


Who is overseeing this process?

Who can approve this?

Which department is dealing with this right now?


What is the process to get started?

What is the next step? Let's meet to discuss it.

What do I need to complete this?


How long does this normally take?

How do I report a problem?

How do we make sure this mistake never happens again?


When is this process due?

When do I get involved in the process?

When can you finish this? It's urgent.

Every business needs a simple process tool

To get things done

Tallyfy makes your life easier

  • Do a process perfectly - without stress and mess.
  • No need to update everyone about progress.
  • Never worry about forgetting something important.

To track and measure

Gain total visibility and control

  • Track the progress of everything in real-time - on any device.
  • Never worry about missing problems or issues.
  • Ensure accountability, continuous improvement and efficiency.

To increase efficiency

Speed up and improve processes

  • Scale your business easily with reliable consistency.
  • Get real metrics on bottlenecks. No more guesswork.
  • Gain a real competitive advantage.

Over 30% of employee time is wasted on tracking processes

In the US alone - this costs $2 trillion in wages. Besides the time wasted, the cost is even higher. People could spend this wasted time delivering better customer service or growing bottom-line revenue.

You need to address this problem now if you want to get or keep a strong competitive advantage for your business.

Bank these business benefits

Compliance & Transparency

Make sure it's always done right

Productivity & Efficiency

Get back ~30% of all work time - to grow

Competitive Advantage

Build and exploit strong differentiation

You may have processes written down - but can you ensure they are being followed? Tallyfy implements process compliance in a simple and beautiful way - while also improving process efficiencyAlex Buschel - CEO, ProGloBix

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