Design any step-by-step procedure or approval workflow once. Run it a hundred times – instantly.

Design your process once – without flowcharts
Track every process. Win back your wasted time.
Ensure tasks never slip through the cracks


Tallyfyers tell us that they can’t imagine life before Tallyfy

Emails, chats and ad-hoc tasks

People say “let’s document our processes”. But what’s the point – when nobody ever follows them?


Real-time status. Instant handovers.

People rave about Tallyfy because they feel an amazing bliss that no other product delivers.

Proven, fresh thinking that transforms teamwork.   Freedom starts here.

Stop doing ad-hoc projects and tasks. Repeatable processes make outcomes reliable. Everyone knows what to do next. Operations can scale.


Why document a process that nobody looks at? You can’t run flowcharts or SOP’s. You can’t improve a process that nobody follows.


Pick and run any process. Tallyfy eliminates questions like “what’s the status?” and “who is doing what next?”. Wouldn’t it feel amazing to get back tons of wasted time?


  • Inbound campaign requests
  • Structured feedback from sales
  • Creative approval and QA


  • High touch client onboarding
  • Structure product feedback to R&D
  • Playbooks to triage FAQ's


  • Purchase requests and approvals
  • Accounts receivable & payable
  • Vendor or supplier onboarding


  • Self-service orientation for new employees
  • Structure incoming talent requests
  • Reimbursement and promotion requests


  • Structure incoming issues and ideas
  • Product quality assurance cycles
  • Product release or update processes


  • Triage tickets and run custom playbooks
  • Integrate DevOps to everyday processes
  • Security and asset re-assignment checklists


  • Lead qualification or enrichment
  • Quote to Contract to Close
  • Customer handover to operations


  • Structure and deliver process audits
  • Train AI with human-in-the-loop
  • Request to BI to Insight Delivery


  • Transform SOP's into engaging experiences
  • Crowdsource and control know-how
  • Deliver "one source of truth"

Do you want to save tons of time on everyday processes?

Tallyfy blueprints are far better than traditional process documentation and flowcharts. We started by designing our workflows in one place and then moved on to automating them. Now, all our processes are being done much faster and with fewer mistakes!

- Dennis - Head of Operations at a mid-size US company / See more    stories

So, do we agree on this?

Anyone can create engaging SOP’s with videos and photos.


Is this done yet?

Automate status, handovers and tasking.


What did the client say?

Automate collection of structured data from clients – with your own branding.


I feel overloaded with chat & email noise!

Separate normal comments from blocker comments – within a specific task.


Nobody can remember this!

Automate complex decisions with rules.


Is this our latest process?

Yes, always. Eliminate re-training cost.


Do you want to save tons of time on everyday processes?

Write it once

Capture tribal knowledge into a system. Capture every detail about how every task is done – without the mess of flowcharts and documents. Your training and onboarding has never been this powerful & easy!

Track progress

Instantly turn your approval workflows, procedures and forms into trackable processes. Anyone can see the status of any request or task, anywhere, anytime. Stop all those wasted emails, chats and meetings.

Automate tasks

Put your processes and playbooks on auto-pilot. Tallyfy instantly shows or hides tasks based on powerful rules. Eliminate the stress of remembering every detail and every little if, but or when.

Do you want to save tons of time on everyday processes?

You won't find this elegance or power in any other system

Everyone must complete

Efficient teamwork requires a simple way to automate accountability. If 4 people are assigned - all 4 need to complete the task. Eliminate the stress of back-and-forth chats and emails to achieve consensus.

This is not another comment

Commenting is great, until you're buried in an ocean of hundreds of random comments - and you have no idea what's actually important and what's noise. Report an issue to segment your chats beautifully.

If this - then that

So many tasks are "Not applicable". Automate decisions to prevent mistakes. Reduce long, irrelevant lists into short, relevant tasks. Use rules to hide and show tasks. Make workflows amazingly clear.

Structured fields

Collecting information via chat, email or documents is a mess - you get a jumbled pile of responses in random formats. Structured form fields in Tallyfy formalize responses and make data usable and organized.

Approve / Reject

Make decisions so easy that it literally takes one click to move on. Save a ton of wasted time and prevent uncertainty and stress at work.

Beautiful snap-ins to your existing systems

Tallyfy integrations

Tallyfy pays for itself – many times over

Busywork per person

1 hour



$ wasted per day


Modern teams Trust Tallyfy for Onboarding, Workflows, Approvals & SOP's

Assign, automate, track and train in one system. It's amazingly easy and deliciously powerful.