Goodbye drowning. Hello tracking.

Tallyfy lets you track hundreds of processes in one place.


Thousands of teams have simplified critical approval and decision workflows into a single click.

Tallyfy client and customer logos for business process management

The power of business process management is not just for big companies – we’ve made it easy for you too!

Imagine a checklist helping your team think more clearly about every step in a process. Nothing slips between the cracks.

Imagine clear decisions like approvals and handovers in a single click. Status, progress, problems, delays – all in one place.

Tallyfy tracker showing onboarding process example with 3 clients for business process management

Change is hard - but sustaining that change is even harder. Without a way to sustain business process improvements and good habits over time, many Lean and Six Sigma projects eventually fail to deliver return on investment (ROI). Tallyfy enables organizations to require compliance with best practices, onboard new employees to standard work, and track performance proactively.
Brittany Hagedorn - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

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