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Ensure compliance through intuitive and powerful checklists. Track processes in real-time, on any device.

Tallyfy has the right attitude for the new way of creating business solutions, so that the technology is not in the way of the experience.Andrew Woolfson - Knowledge Director at RPC, a leading law firm in London

Do your routine processes still turn into a mess?

Do things turn into long chains of email, scattered documents & constant following up with the people involved?

Are your routine processes easy to follow?

Transform processes from paper, documents and complex systems into user-friendly, interactive checklists. Engineer a robust process with things like capturing information, locking down who does what and more – all on Tallyfy.

Is it possible to track everything, easily?

Delegate and schedule work out to your team and track their progress. Receive problem and delay alerts in real-time. Engage your clients/partners by securely allowing them to participate in or track a process.

How do you measure and improve your processes?

There is no realistic way of measuring the accuracy or efficiency of processes today. With Tallyfy, you can visualize bottlenecks and delays. You can crowdsource process improvements, for the first time.

Ensure that routine work is done accurately & efficiently

Nobody wants to wake up tomorrow morning to a huge security breach caused by mistakes made by a third-party, vendor or internal staff member. There’s a lot of spending in hard technology for security and compliance, but the technology is only as good as the process that is used to provision, configure, audit and de-commission systems. Tallyfy addresses the biggest cause of risk, by enforcing process compliance in a simple and beautiful way.Alex Buschel - CEO, ProGloBix

Trust Tallyfy to run any critical business process


  • HR processes – onboarding and on-the-job training
  • Compliance – QA, screening, testing and safety checks
  • Housekeeping – opening and closing procedures and maintenance
  • Data collection – applications, forms and surveys
  • Financial – payroll, expenses and audits
  • Client-facing processes – involve clients and partners, provide tracking into what you offer
  • Specialist processes – legal due diligence, rental property maintenance etc.


  • Run books
  • Systems development – testing and QA
  • Deployment processes
  • Project management – bootstrapping or closing projects
  • New developer onboarding – bootstrapping or closing projects
  • Help desk tracking and forms – in combination with your existing service platforms
  • ITIL-driven management – incidents, problems, configuration, change management, releases


  • On-boarding and training – your channel and business partners. Give others the best chance of selling your products by setting them up right
  • CRM and lead conversion – checklists to maximize win rate for potential customers or products
  • Marketing – Event planning, campaign/creative approval, product lanuching
  • Best practices – checklists to spread successful marketing and sales techniques

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Streamline your processes. Assign and automate.


See problems & progress in real-time. Prevent mistakes and delays.


Pinpoint bottlenecks & inefficiencies. Continuously improve.


Offer staff/clients visibility. Always ensure excellence

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