Never feel uncertain about who is doing what and when

Tracking the progress of processes reduces team stress and frees your time

Tallyfy is a beautiful workflow tool that turns any repeatable process in your team into a trackable progress bar. Nobody (ever) has to stress about exactly where a process or approval is at. Everyone sees the same process – you, your coworkers and even your clients. If you like that wonderful feeling of bliss, try Tallyfy.

Never “forget” a task again

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Use it right now to automate a tedious process you do at work.

Tallyfy eliminates emails, forms, paper and spreadsheets. It lets you scale operations.

Client Onboarding

Employee Orientation

Content Approval

Daily/Weekly Tasks

Product Design

Website Updates

Social Media Publishing

Issue Tracking

Partner Onboarding

Expense Claims

Vacation Requests

Lead Qualification

Plan Regular Events

Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Service Requests

Approve Client Proposals

Create one blueprint – then use it to launch each process

“Nobody reads, updates or improves our existing process documentation.”

You can make seeing and improving processes stunning and easy, right now. Life without flowcharts is paradise.

“So, do we all agree on the process?”

Everyone creates a process, together.


“Oh, I’m waiting on that to be approved!”

Never (ever) ask about the status of anything again.


“Has anyone updated the client yet?”

Client can track and ENGAGE in a process. Like tracking a package – but better!


“I cc’ed you and it was really urgent!”

Forget the crazy mess of email and chat. Separate comments from problems.


“This wouldn’t have happened if we’d followed the process.”

No, your team doesn’t stare at flowcharts. Eliminate mistakes – automate decisions.


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Never “forget” a task again

No credit card required. Need to chat? Schedule a call

Seriously though, stop fighting email and spreadsheets.

Say hi to Workflow Made Easy® ... and get back in control.