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Say goodbye to flowcharts and SOP’s. Eliminate manual status updates and reminders. Digitize your recurring workflows. Run trackable and efficient processes on the world’s easiest workflow app. How?

  • Choose a recurring process
  • Create a template on Tallyfy
  • Automate if-this-then-that’s
  • Track who’s doing what
  • Improve continuously
  • lifetime discount for

Track all your workflows beautifully - on Tallyfy

It’s simple and proven and raving fans it

Top rated for workflow management and BPM everywhere
Rhonda Toston
Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE:JLL) is a Fortune 500 company with over 100,000 employees across 80 countries
Tallyfy provided us with a modern, global platform to automate, maintain, and cascade content to a wide array of stakeholders, effectively eliminating the need for our teams to ask, “Where can I find the latest version of a playbook?”. We’re excited to continue our partnership with Tallyfy and welcome their growth-forward mindset as we deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders.

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Track the real-time progress of your workflows, approvals, forms, SOP’s and docs on one platform. Nothing else comes close.

Create a template on Tallyfy AI or upload your SOP

Create Templates with AI
Kick off forms and triggers

Trigger your process using shareable kick off forms

Automate changes using if this then that conditions

Automated Actions on Tallyfy
Track Process

See the status of any workflow without busywork

Share branded views with customers that don’t require login

Customer Workflows on Tallyfy
Create templates of documents where you just fill in the blanks to generate a custom version

Create a template then fill in the blanks for your version

Need examples? Start by Tallyfying one process

Perfect for procedures, forms, approval workflows, playbooks, contracts and documents

The biggest, proven efficiency driver for any process is when you continuously improve it

Documenting your process is just the beginning. Tallyfy delivers the journey to better ops by automating adoption, tracking who is doing what and helping you continuously improve.

The full journey to better operations

The incredible power of tiny gains

Improving a process by just 1% a day from feedback and usage metrics makes it over 37 times better in just one year. This visual comes from the New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits by James Clear. You can’t just publish your process and hope someone looks at it. To get the massive compounding returns you need to run it, track it and improve it continuously on Tallyfy

The exponential power of continuos improvement in a process
Create and run automated, scalable workflows on Tallyfy

Track the status of your workflows in real-time

Do you know the cost of busywork?

Expert skills without the bills

Need help? We guarantee you can schedule free 1:1 25-minute screen-sharing calls for life.

GDP per capita for the world

Upto 90% discount forever

Tallyfy is the only workflow software that’s discounted using the GDP-per-capita of your primary country. You won’t find this value in any other premium platform.

Fair Price Guarantee

Everything IT & compliance needs



  • SOC 2 Type II attested
  • GDPR compliant
  • BIMI compliant
  • HSTS compliant
  • Free SSO for all
  • Real-time BI feed
  • Bank-grade security
  • Enterprise MSA & SLA