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Complex Topics. Honest Videos. These are no-frills and easygoing videos that try to give you a bitesize view on complex topics! ...
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Business Process Management (BPM): Definition, Benefits & Steps

Business processes are rarely all that efficient. Most businesses don’t do a lot of retrospection, following the logic of “why fix something that isn’t broken?” Instead, most companies tend to focus on sales or marketing ...
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What is Operational Excellence [10 Core Principles]

In every business, there is always at least one area that could be improved. But how exactly does meaningful change take place within an organization? Sometimes it can occur through a major initiative or total ...
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Continuous Improvement: Definition, Benefits and Tools

To truly get ahead of your competition, your business processes should be operating at maximum efficiency. After all, process efficiency can be a major influence on company productivity, profits, and agility. The best way to ...
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What is Operations Management [Theory & Practice]

Operations management is the administration of business practices aimed at ensuring maximum efficiency within a business, which in turn helps to improve profitability. It involves resources from staff, materials, equipment, and technology, converting these inputs ...
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The Essential Guide to Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, also known as GRC, is an umbrella term for the way organisations deal with three areas that help them achieve their objectives. The main purpose of GRC as a business ...
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What is Business Process Automation (BPA) [4+ Practical Examples]

Business process automation (BPA) is the automation of business processes through technology, allowing businesses to cut costs and increase productivity ...
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Top 4 Collaboration Software – How to Pick the Right One

Finding the best way to get groups of staff to work well together has been a goal in business since long before we all started working in highly structured organisations. It has been an ongoing ...
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Change Management Processes – Your Essential Guide

JFK famously once said that ‘Change is the law of life,' a statement that is as true in the world of business as it is for the President of the United States. Businesses need to ...
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What is Lean Six Sigma [Benefits and Implementation]

Imagine that there was news of a plane crash every week or that the Post Office misplaced 1,600 pieces of mail every year. Or imagine that every time you sat down to read a book, ...
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Customer Experience Software – Your Essential Guide

The key to achieving client satisfaction is to get your customer experience software decision right, to give your business the best chance of establishing client relationships that can last. Get it wrong and all of ...
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What is Workflow Software – Complete Guide [3+ Real-Life Examples]

Workflows are a sequence of tasks your business carries out on a regular basis. This can be, for example, onboarding a new client or approving a document. Workflow software, on the other hand, is a ...
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What is Business Process Management [3 Practical Examples]

Business Process Management (BPM) is, in a nutshell, the way your company manages and improves business processes. This can mean making all sorts of changes to how the process works. You could, for example, restructure ...
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