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Document and see all your processes in one place

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  • Design playbooks, how-to's and SOP's
  • Supercharge training with zero-risk
  • Migrate your existing operations manual
  • Start a continuous improvement culture


Flowcharts & Documents

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Len Gilbert

Digital Prism

“By documenting our processes we can now ensure that steps are not missed, there are fewer mistakes."

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Get more power to launch and automate processes

Launch processes to prevent errors and omissions

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  • Don't just read procedures, run them
  • Digitize forms & approval tasks
  • Assign unlimited tasks to clients
  • Track the progress of many jobs


Lightweight project tools

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Automate decisions and get amazing client experiences

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  • Automate decisions with rules
  • Approval workflows & smart views
  • Custom branding & controls
  • Addons like analytics & more


Workflow automation & BPM

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Tom Lewis

Cowork Inc.

"Tallyfy has given us time to focus on customer experience. We're confident nothing will get missed."

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Anh Le

Opera Theatre of St. Louis

"We have immediate accountability and oversight. We're completing our approval workflows 60% faster."

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Busywork per person

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  • 10 members included

  • Unlimited

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  • 5 Gb / org

  • User guide / Email

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  • 8 members included

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited

  • Dropbox / Google Drive

  • 5 Gb / member

  • Email (Standard)

  • 8


  • 4 members included

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited

  • All available connectors

  • 25 Gb / member

  • Email (24hr response)

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Add Ons

Only available to annual plans

Single Sign On is FREE! Security should not cost you extra.

Multiple UI languagesView supported languages – FREE on all plans!

Analytics to BI platforms like Tableau or PowerBI via Amazon Athena – $20 per member, per annum

Database Encryption At Rest – $5 per member, per annum

SOC 2 or ISO 27001 Assurance – contact us

HIPAA Compliance and BAA – contact us

Data Residency – Run in an AWS region outside our standard us-west-2 including GovCloud at $40k per annum. Perfect for specific compliance or privacy requirements you might have.

Custom Helpdesk * – lets your IT/helpdesk take over first-line support for your members.

Take Payments *

Take Digital Signatures *

Custom Serverless Functions * – to consume and handle Tallyfy events


Process Mapping. Services billed at an hourly rate. Request help or see what we offer

REST API Integration · Request help or view the docs

Anything Else? · Request help.


Annual plans · Get 12 months for the price of 10 months – 2 months free!

API usage · We meter usage to see it’s reasonable but we don’t currently enforce any limits.

* indicates that the quoted feature is on our future roadmap and not in general availability.

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