What does busywork feel like?

2 hours per person per day is lost on busywork – a massive waste of real $$$$

Process documentation alone is never the answer
Documenting is broken
  • Nobody reads traditional documents and wikis
  • Nobody looks at well-designed, hand-crafted flowcharts
  • Old and irrelevant training content is blocking growth

Documented process vs reality
Want the status? It’s painful

“Is this done?”“Who’s doing this?”“I forgot!”“What’s next?”

Manually tracking workflows via meetings and emails is a proven and total disaster. You need status-tracking and checkins.
Completing a process is chaos
  • Tasks are slipping through the cracks
  • You need to eliminate ad-hoc project management
  • You’ve got no digitized tracking of in-flight workflows

What is the ROI of Tallyfy?

You are losing dollars – if you try to save cents

86% of business managers highlight that complicated process is a barrier to business growth – Harvard Business Review

20 – 30% of company revenue is lost each year due to lack of understanding of business processes – Entrepreneur

44% of the productivity lost during the average work day is due to inefficient processes – IT Pro Portal

Structured workflow is vital. It takes 25 minutes to focus on a task after getting distracted. (This means that email and chat are not for processes) – New York Times

Successful workflow projects (on modern platforms) had no less than a 10% IRR (internal rate of return) with some as high as 360% IRR. – Gartner

Tallyfy is delicious. Really love how we can make tasks repeatable and how we can send webhooks to update a CRM or any other application. – HM Government

Various large studies show that a significant portion of paid (work) time is wasted not doing primary duties

Create and run automated, scalable workflows on Tallyfy

Auto-document and track workflows with other people in real-time