What is the ROI for Tallyfy?

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Busywork per person

1 hour



$ wasted per day


You are losing dollars – if you try to save cents

86% of business managers highlight that complicated process is a barrier to business growth — Harvard Business Review.

20 – 30% of company revenue is lost each year due to lack of understanding of business processes — Entrepreneur.

44% of the productivity lost during the average work day is due to inefficient processes — IT Pro Portal

Structured workflow is vital. It takes 25 minutes to focus on a task after getting distracted. (This means that email and chat are not for processes) — New York Times.

Successful workflow projects (on modern platforms) had no less than a 10% IRR (internal rate of return) with some as high as 360% IRR. — Gartner.

Tallyfy is delicious. Really love how we can make tasks repeatable and how we can send webhooks to update a CRM or any other application. — HM Government

1000's of people join us every week to make their workflows easy and fun.

Various large studies show that a significant portion of paid (work) time is wasted not doing primary duties

Modern teams Trust Tallyfy for Onboarding, Workflows, Approvals & SOP's

Assign, automate, track and train in one system. It's amazingly easy and deliciously powerful.