What does busywork feel like?

2 hours per person per day is lost on busywork – a massive waste of real $$$$

Process documentation alone is never the answer

Documenting is broken

  • Nobody reads traditional documents and wikis
  • Nobody looks at well-designed, hand-crafted flowcharts
  • Old and irrelevant training content is blocking growth
Documented process vs reality

Want the status? It’s painful

“Is this done?”“Who’s doing this?”“I forgot!”“What’s next?”

  • 2 hours per person per day is wasted on busywork
  • Everyone’s re-entering, re-tasking, re-requesting & reminding
  • Everyone hates meetings to check-in and touch-base
Manually tracking workflows via meetings and emails is a proven and total disaster. You need status-tracking and checkins.

Actually doing a process is chaos

  • Tasks are slipping through the cracks
  • You need to eliminate ad-hoc project management
  • You’ve got no digitized tracking of in-flight workflows

What is the ROI of Tallyfy?

You are losing dollars – if you try to save cents

86% of business managers highlight that complicated process is a barrier to business growth” – Harvard Business Review

20 – 30% of company revenue is lost each year due to lack of understanding of business processes” – Entrepreneur

44% of the productivity lost during the average work day is due to inefficient processes” – IT Pro Portal

“Structured workflow is vital. It takes 25 minutes to focus on a task after getting distracted. (This means that email and chat are not for processes)” – New York Times

“Successful workflow projects (on modern platforms) had no less than a 10% IRR (internal rate of return) with some as high as 360% IRR.” – Gartner

“Tallyfy is delicious. Really love how we can make tasks repeatable and how we can send webhooks to update a CRM or any other application.” – HM Government

Large studies show that a significant portion of work time is wasted not doing primary duties

Create and run automated, scalable workflows on Tallyfy

Track the status of your workflows in real-time