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This is where we fit into workflow automation

Where Tallyfy fits in the workflow automation world

Which software does Tallyfy replace?


Business Process Management Software (BPMS) is a category of complex, legacy software that requires a lot of IT and specialist consultants. You need to learn all whole bunch of complex stuff and try to customize it match how you work in real-life. It’s flowchart-driven and uses BPMN. Flowcharts are an old way of modelling processes that’s entirely unsuited for the modern, customer-focused, collaborative workplaces of today.


Project Management apps are typically used for task management and visuals of ad-hoc tasks in a sequence. They focus on helping with ad-hoc tasking and projects. Most of them don’t let you systemize your operations. It’s generally impossible to compare, analyze or improve processes like-for-like within the concept of project management, because tasks inside projects are unique.


Docs refers to a broad spectrum of apps that let you document a process in a static, readable form – like Word, Google Docs, wikis, etc. It also includes diagramming apps that let you spend hours making pretty flowcharts, even though nobody will actually follow your flowcharts in real life. If 100 people are following a process – you will never know their current status because flowcharts are just for reading, not for tracking the status of any critical process.
Which systems does Tallyfy compliment?

Documents and Wikis

In a team – it’s really important to document a process, SOP or procedure. But then what?

See how Tallyfy is better than documents

Doing a process is the real pain.

Documentation makes it very hard to automate or scale processes, see who’s doing what – see what information is missing, if specific processes are running on time or know where bottlenecks or improvements exist.

Handovers, approvals and flow is chaos.

People say “our process is documented” or “we train people well”. But real-life is chaos, emails, chats, uncertainty, helplessness and panic. Why? Because documenting a process is unrelated to actually doing it.

Projects and Tasks

To run reliable and scalable operations – you need processes, not projects and tasks.

See how Tallyfy is better than projects

Good for grocery lists. Bad for operations.

Since every project is unique and different – you keep re-inventing the wheel. “Let’s do it better next time” keeps getting forgotten, every time.

Impossible to collect structured information.

Thousands of comments. Files scattered everywhere. It’s impossible to collect information in a predictable and structured format.

Email and Chat

If exploding stress from email overload was bad – try chat. It’s the same stress – in real-time.

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60 replies. 70 unread messages.

You have no idea what’s important and what’s not. Blink and you might miss something. You’re addicted to checking your chats.

What’s an action and what isn’t?

How do you know the difference between a task, approval or action in a mess of conversation and noise?


Mapping a process is not the same as running it.

See what flowcharts cannot do

Great to map a visual. Useless in real-life.

Does anyone actually look at a flowchart while they are working? Real-life is never a neat arrangement of boxes, shapes and arrows. Flowcharts don’t even fit on the screen of a smartphone.

Impossible to track or improve operations.

Since your flowchart is impossible to track or follow between people – how will you know it’s working or not?


Real-life processes are run by people – they’re not just automations between apps. Microsoft Flow, Zapier, etc. are middleware systems that compliment Tallyfy by moving data between apps.

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Move data – but it won’t always be in sync.

Integration tools are useful to move data from one app to another. But integrations can fail silently. Tallyfy co-ordinates tasks between both machines and humans – so that nothing slips through the cracks.

Processes are mostly people-driven

In a real-life process – most high-value activities are driven by people, except the data-copying between one app and another. Integration tools help with data-copying – but they don’t help you track tasks, approvals, handovers and information flows between people.


Old-fashioned “Business Process Management” is even more complex and expensive than it sounds.

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Map BPMN to Tallyfy

A massive waste of IT and consulting $$$$$.

With old-fashioned BPM – you have to model processes in BPMN and then apply them to real-life. Say hello to a 6-month IT project with a consultant army – for an outcome that doesn’t deliver the promise.

Legacy BPM is only for IT automation.

You could never invite a client to do a task on a traditional BPM. With Tallyfy, you can involve clients in workflows through secure and beautifully easy client experiences that generate loyalty.
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