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Accurate Taxation Services

“The best way to standardize your processes and tasks.”

We have prevented many common errors and delays in accounting processes by using Tallyfy.

-Rajesh Verma
Registered Tax Agent

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“Huge time saver”

I can standardize my routine processes and reduce supervision. Time is money and this is a huge time saver!

-Raj Esh (Director)
Financial Services

“Key to Business Growth”

I was hesitant to get another “task/project manager,” but Tallyfy differentiates from whatever you are currently using, it is extremely easy to setup repeatable processes. Those processes can by very dynamic as well.

In terms of business growth, I don’t have to spend a lot of time training freelancers.

There’s a ton of applications for it in sales and other such processes, but I’m especially excited for the ability to hand-off tedious workflows that I don’t want to have to explain to someone else again and again. This makes it where I just have to record the workflow once, and now, anyone can do it! And I can track it, and do so many more things with it.

-Kyle Lawrence (Developer)

“If you want to scale your business up, then this is a must!”

Do you constantly find yourself lost in a lot of tasks and subtasks? Duplicating boards or task-groups? micromanaging your VAs or employees? missing the bigger picture because you are way too deep into task managing?

If most of the answers to the questions above is ‘ yes’, then you have to stop using task managers start running repetitive processes with Tallyfy.

The biggest pro that I’m getting out of Tallyfy is the change of mindset and how I do things, I’ve realized that I already run a lot of repetitive processes that could have been standardized long ago but never had a tool that helped organize it, visualize it or even realize that that could be useful.

Here are some unique benefits of switching from tasks-only to processes in Tallyfy:

You can hide/show tasks based on rules and logic jumps.

They have an API, so if you are a technical you can integrate it with other tools.

-Jose Sotelo

“Deliciously Complex and Simple”

I’ll be using this for my day job and one of companies outside to onboard staff where I need to request laptops, access to environments, provide training materials and core documentation that needs to be completed. It will also be used to pipeline clients and attendees of our national events.

Really love the control you have with theses tasks and whether you make them mandatory or not, repeatable and send webhooks to update a CRM or application.

The ability to add time from initiation is a real bonus and as you dig deeper more and more unravels – this comes with a business rules engine so you can initiate actions if a task hasn’t been completed say 24 hours after the last task. If you have graduates or apprentices or even new staff this will massively help them onboard.

I would be very surprised if there is anyone that this application would not benefit.

-Simon Rowe (Developer/Development Manager)

“Perfect for medium to large businesses”

This application is absolutely amazing. They also assure you that they have setup data and security measures which makes it perfect for medium to large businesses as well. 5 stars, no questions asked

-David Christopher Castillo (Senior Business Analyst)

“I think several departments in any business would benefit from Tallyfy – Operations, finance, account management and even sales.”

We run all of our processes on Tallyfy. Some of these processes include:

Business Development

Referrals for digital strategy consulting

Client related

Client onboarding

Account kick-offs

Contract and SoW approvals

Human Resources

Contractor onboarding and offboarding

-Len Gilbert (COO at Digital Prism Advisors)
Professional Services

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“We did not realize how many processes were slipping through the cracks until we started using Tallyfy.”

We realized we needed the power and flexibility of a powerful system that also had the simplicity and flexibility of an agile cloud app. Most importantly, we had to choose a simple solution that all staff members could use without requiring extensive training. When we began testing Tallyfy, it emerged as the best choice for More Than Rewards.

-Jason Brethorst (President / CEO)
Quality Assurance
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“With Tallyfy, we have seen clarity in the process .. as well as any bottlenecks”

Tallyfy is great for any team that needs to be on the same page and implement processes for the first time.

Tallyfy would be a good fit for any company that has a design, approval and implementation process that needs to have a quick turn around and that is growing fast.

-Macklin Andrick (Operations Manager, Greetabl)
Ecommerce Operations
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“The considerable time savings to our service delivery time has had a direct impact on every employee’s performance and the number of clients we can serve.”

We utilized Tallyfy to build out a process geared towards success. Then we just did it, again and again. It’s a thing of beauty.

Decision making in the company is more efficient. The considerable time savings and productivity has had a direct impact on every employee’s performance and the number of clients we can serve.

The stage in the client’s immigration process where it took several weeks, now, we manage all of this in under a week and can take on more clients and work without employees feeling overwhelmed. We are also able to communicate the status of a client’s application much more easily.

-Mario Alfaro (Manager, Business Strategist)
Client Onboarding
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“I see tremendous potential for business process tracking in the clients I work with.”

They are small nonprofits that need to manage large volumes of information (like onboarding and training many members) with a small support staff. The key is to give them tools to manage by exception, not have them touch every step of every process.

With Tallyfy – we can easily track the progress, problems and delays of hundreds of members being onboarded in one place.

Onboarding a new member is a great example of how a well-managed process can have significant impact on the organization. If a member gets through the onboarding process smoothly and quickly, he or she is 50% more likely to be a contributing member of the organization. By making sure that people don’t lag in the process, we will greatly improve our volunteer utilization.

-Stephan Fopeano (Founder, VPOIDS Inc.)
Member Onboarding
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“We were all very surprised at how quickly our clients became comfortable with using Tallyfy.”

The first client we trained as a guest user was a bit hesitant to have to learn new software. However, because Tallyfy is so intuitive and visually appealing (don’t underestimate the importance of that) – we quickly ran through the steps and the icons and they were up and running. We were all very surprised at how easy it was, how quickly our clients became comfortable with the program in less than a few minutes – and how well it met our needs.

-Michelle Murray (Managing Director / CPA)
Financial Approvals
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“Routing multiple documents is far quicker and there’s immediate accountability and oversight.”

Tallyfy has fulfilled both of those goals admirably in just one year, and I do not doubt that we will become even more efficient as we grow into this technology. Thanks to Tallyfy’s system of master processes, I can start routing multiple documents much more quickly than with print outs. Thanks to Tallyfy’s overview-at-a-glance interface, I can instantly take note of which projects, pages, or steps are currently on track or behind schedule. And thanks to the handy Tallyfy inbox, my colleagues can easily review and power through any tasks they have been assigned. After switching to Tallyfy, routing documents and layouts went from taking over a week to taking just 2-3 days.

Add to this the ability to leave comment threads, to attach links to other collaboration tools like Google Docs, to collect feedback and opinions within each step, and to flag crucial problems, and you have a software that is fully capable of bringing a massive project from conception to finish.

-Timothy O’Leary (General Director)
Content Approval
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