Tallyfy cuts work time down to a few hours instead of 2 days for book marketing company

Julie Ink is a book marketing and publishing service that helps clients promote their books in the social media dominated world we live in today. Tallyfy provided framework for repeated business processes at Julie Ink, effectively reducing redundancy and increasing efficiency in order for them to scale their client operations.

Julie Trelstad


What was the problem you were trying to solve?

We have a set formula for helping authors set up digital marketing platforms, and many of our clients have to repeat monthly tasks such as podcast management, facebook live/other social media campaigns. Tallyfy has provided a platform to automate these habitual tasks in an efficient and streamlined way.

Can you list the names of processes you run on Tallyfy?

Today, we use Tallyfy for:

  • Client Onboarding Admin
  • Marketing Audit
  • Marketing Platform Setup Plan
  • Monthly Facebook Posts
  • Volunteer Newsletter

How was your company doing these tasks and processes before?

Before Tallyfy, we tried many project management tools including Basecamp, Asana, Todoist, Airtable and also email with Slack. However, none of these tools provided variable process trees based on user inputs, nor did they have the same ease of use that Tallyfy does.

Has Tallyfy saved you time or money?

Yes, it used to take us two days to run monthly client campaigns, now, with the help of Tallyfy, we complete them in just a few hours.

What other specific improvements have you seen in your company?

We have found that there has been less stress and better communication within our team. I would say our team collaboration has improved from 5/10 to 8/10!

Tallyfy has made the process of new team member onboarding more seamless than before.

I would say that implementing Tallyfy as our process tool management is the first step towards scaling our business up to its full potential.

What specific features did you like and value most about Tallyfy?

We especially love the forms in Tallyfy tasks because they collect and organize the crucial information and consolidate it right in front of us for easy reference while completing tasks.

As a manager, I appreciate the behind schedule notices and daily task emails.

How would you describe Tallyfy to others?

It is a tool that helps you structure repeated business processes so that you don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel every time. It helps to eliminate the possibility for missing any details in your processes, all while increasing work efficiency.

What is the main thing that stands out about Tallyfy?

The ability to branch and hide tasks before they are needed. This really cuts down on the overwhelming feeling you get with to-do lists, with Tallyfy we only see what we need to do when we need to do it!

Our writing and research policy

We thoroughly research every topic as much as we can. We consult academic sources for scholarly citations to support our points. Sometimes, we use data-gathering scripts or generative AI to summarize particular points but that’s always use that as a helpful assistant. We never use AI to replace a subject matter expert in workflow, AI and automation when it comes to editing and publishing. At Tallyfy – 3 independent experts validate and edit every article from the draft stage. Fact checking is included within this process. We do not write articles for search engine rankings.

Why did we write this article?

Tallyfy believes in helpful and authoritative content that helps people. Our customers requested us to write about this topic so we attempted to put together the highest quality article available anywhere – that’s our goal. Work like this takes a lot of effort. If you liked this article please share the link with your coworkers via email, or on LinkedIn.

About the author - Amit Kothari

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