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Tallyfy is beautiful business process management software that transforms tasks and approvals into automated, repeatable processes. Solve a thousand papercuts that are difficult or impossible with legacy BPM, without armies of consultants.


It can take just 15 minutes to create your process template.

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Tallyfy is Business Process Management Software (BPMS) that’s fit for modern teams

These are actual results from customers using Tallyfy to manage their business processes.


understand Tallyfy in 1 minute

Lisa McDonald,
Director of Communications


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Brand Manager


improvement in process outcomes

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Use it right now to manage many business processes

Tallyfy is a process management system that eliminates threads of emails, forms and spreadsheets.

Client Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Content Approval

Quality Assurance

Product Launch

Release Process

Media Management

Issue Tracking

Partner Onboarding

Expense Claims

Vacation Requests

Lead Qualification

Event Planning

Monthly Reporting

Service Requests

Compliance Checks

Tallyfy makes BPM easy for everyone

Forget about armies of consultants and IT. Tallyfy is process management software that can get your processes up and running within 15 minutes.

Real-time Tracking
The only BPM platform to provide both a top-down dashboard of all processes in the organization as well as individual task views.

Syncs with your Systems
Tallyfy integrates with your Active Directory and many other business-critical systems through an open API – enabling automation between systems. Turn manual entry into a thing of the past. Learn more.

Open API
As you’d expect from a modern cloud BPM – Tallyfy comes with an open API. This lets you push and pull information easily from other systems.

Policy Creation & Enforcement
Set up actionable and easy to follow policies, ensuring that critical steps are never missed.

Decision & Logic
Automating process logic has never been easier. Use if-this-then-that rules to handle every possible scenario.

Tallyfy is BPM software that’s built responsively. It can work on any device with a browser, including smartphones and tablets. It works where you work.

Automate and track any repeatable business process

The easiest enterprise business process management software on the market.

step 1

step 2

step 3

So, do we all agree on the process?

Everyone can contribute easily to finalizing a business process.


What’s the delay here?

Never have to ask about the status of anything again.


Has anyone updated the client yet?

The world’s first client-first BPM. Clients can securely track a process, just like they track a package!


Didn’t you see the urgent email?

This isn’t just about collaboration. Know what’s important and what can wait.


Am I expected to remember this business process?

Tallyfy guides you through any decision.


Is the process up to date?

Nobody needs to worry about change or process improvement training. It just goes live.


Tallyfy is the first and only workflow management software that anyone can understand and use within 60 seconds. It's client-facing, real-time, and works on any device. Our system is open to any integration and ready for AI.

Common questions about Tallyfy and BPM software

Can I bring my existing flowcharts into Tallyfy?

Flowcharts can be difficult to follow while you work. You can easily map existing flowcharts or SOP's into Tallyfy templates. Tallyfy simplifies work into actionable steps that reflect real-life workflows.

Let's talk about using Tallyfy with existing flowcharts

Is Tallyfy better than project management tools?

Project management tools work well if your projects are totally unique every time. You need to focus on a process management tool to help you scale operations so that you're not reinventing the wheel every time.

Let our experts answer your questions

If I track processes on spreadsheets - can you help me move them to Tallyfy?

It depends what your spreadsheet contains. If you have a SOP or process already - we can help you move it.

Let's talk about transferring spreadsheets

How do I get my coworkers on board?

Newbies normally understand Tallyfy in 1 minute. Invite them in just a few clicks.

Ask us how we solve the adoption challenge

I don't know my processes

We have a team of workflow experts that can help you map your process and setup Tallyfy for you.

Tell us your goals - we'll see if we can help

Can Tallyfy integrate into my existing tools?

Yes - Tallyfy can connect to most tools. We have an open API. In non-technical terms, that means data can be pushed out or pulled in to Tallyfy.

Tell us your integration needs

Has something like Tallyfy ever existed?

Your only option before was to spend $$$$ on a Business Process Management (BPM) suite which would take 6 months to implement with an army of IT. Tallyfy is free to try and takes just 15 minutes to setup.

Tell us what you want to achieve

What if we already have a BPM system?

Tallyfy is simpler, smarter and 100x faster to solve a thousand papercuts that are difficult or impossible to solve with legacy BPM. Best of all - it's easy enough for all business users - IT is not a bottleneck.

Let's talk about Tallyfy vs. BPM

Can I actually improve a process with Tallyfy?

1986 called, and they asked how to make Six Sigma much, much easier! Tallyfy needs little or no change management. You can crowdsource improvement ideas from the field. You can ship real-time process data to your favourite analytics tool.

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