Tallyfy is the intuitive business process management software that transforms your tasks and approvals into automated processes.

Track the status of your workflows in real-time

Hi there,

It’s time to talk about business process management software.

Are you scared of complex, legacy BPM software or just don’t have the resources or patience to implement it?

You shouldn’t be.

When you design and run operations better, you can improve everything. Guide people through onboarding new clients, orienting new employees, or approve purchases effortlessly.

Perfect BPM software should do that in minutes.

But it doesn’t.

Maybe you’ve tried legacy BPM “platforms”, or maybe you haven’t. It takes an army of IT to set up a legacy BPM, and months-long projects to make just simple things work. It involves tons of money and additional armies of process management consultants — we’re talking 6 figures. And the result?

Something complicated, clunky and over-engineered. Something nobody wants to use.

Legacy BPM software was supposed to help you. But nobody used it and it was very difficult for business users to understand or care about.

IT people hoped that people would use it. Nobody really did.

BPM can be your magician’s trick. But it needs to be done right, to make your operations better.

Agile. Flexible. Changing.

Process management software keeps you ahead of the crowd. Your employees are happier and more engaged. They matter in every process. They contribute to process improvement. Clients are guided through tasks and forms. They don’t have to ask you. They won’t waste time understanding how you work.

You need the right BPM software. And so does everyone else.

And the great thing is — that perfect, life-changing BPM software exists.

Rising from decades of that painful dinosaur called legacy BPM – is Tallyfy.

Streamlined. Easy. Perfect.


Made for you by people who felt the pain of legacy process management software – with all their crazy flowcharts, BPMN, and needless complexity. We understand the needs of modern teams, and it’s not legacy BPM software.

Anyone, anywhere can use Tallyfy within 60 seconds. It’s totally different.

It was made for you. It’s BPM software like you’ve never imagined.

Tallyfy is the only platform that solves your entire journey towards the profound benefits of automated operations as a real competitive advantage.

Business Process Management Software (BPMS) that’s fit for modern teams

Real results from customers using Tallyfy to manage their business processes.


understand Tallyfy in 1 minute

Lisa McDonald, Director of Communications


faster approval times

Anh Le, Brand Manager


improvement in process outcomes

Stephan Fopeano, Founder

Use it right now to manage many business processes

BPM software that eliminates threads of emails, forms and spreadsheets.


  • Inbound campaign requests
  • Structured feedback from sales
  • Creative approval and QA


  • High touch client onboarding
  • Structure feedback to R&D
  • Playbooks to triage FAQ's


  • Purchase requests and approvals
  • Accounts receivable & payable
  • Vendor or supplier onboarding


  • Self-service orientation
  • Structure talent requests
  • Promotion requests


  • Structure incoming issues
  • Product quality assurance cycles
  • Product release processes


  • Triage tickets to playbooks
  • Merge DevOps to everyone
  • Asset re-assignment


  • Lead qualification or enrichment
  • Quote to Contract to Close
  • Customer handover to operations


  • Structure and deliver audits
  • Train AI with human-in-the-loop
  • Request to BI to Insights


  • Make SOP's useful
  • Crowdsource know-how
  • Deliver "one source of truth"

Track the status of your workflows in real-time

Tallyfy makes BPM easy for everyone

Forget about armies of consultants and years of IT pain. Get processes up and running in minutes. Map existing BPMN flows to Tallyfy.

You can even share processes with clients – outside your company!

Real-time Tracking The only cloud-native BPM software to provide both a top-down dashboard of all processes in the organization as well as individual task views.
Open API for easy integration Use your existing systems, including Azure Active Directory. We’re adding Office365 (Outlook) and G Suite (Gmail) integration soon for seamless deployment with zero training.
Cloud-first, AI-ready As a cloud-born BPM – Tallyfy comes with an open API. This lets you push, pull and listen to information easily from other systems. Use any AI, on any cloud, on any platform.
Process Definition & Compliance Set up actionable and easy to follow workflows – ensuring that critical steps are never missed.
Decision & Logic Automating process logic has never been easier. Use if-this-then-that rules to handle every possible scenario.
Omnichannel & Mobility Tallyfy is built responsively. It works on any device with a browser, including smartphones. With our API – layer Tallyfy on any system.

Automate your recurring processes in minutes 💪

Assign, automate, track and train in one, beautiful system. It's amazingly easy and deliciously powerful.

Track the status of your workflows in real-time

BPM that your coworkers will actually like

The easiest enterprise business process management software available.

Define your forms, approvals and processes
Start with everyday needs
One place to see your services and processes
Kick off approval workflows using web forms
Update SOP’s to eliminate versioning chaos
Define who does what, when and how
Real-time workflows for employees and clients
Be the best manager on Earth
Works without leaving Outlook or Gmail
Integration in minutes via webhooks and API
Real-time tracking for all your approvals
Automated rules for approvals
Process improvement for any size of business
Gain competitive advantages
Handle process variation without flowcharts
Integrate via open API and SSO
Integrate AI or RPA into tasks
Stream analytics to your BI

Automate your recurring processes in minutes 💪

Assign, automate, track and train in one, beautiful system. It's amazingly easy and deliciously powerful.

Track the status of your workflows in real-time

So, do we all agree on this workflow?

Image of Does everyone agree tallyfy

Everyone can contribute easily to finalizing a work order process.


Has my request been approved yet?

Never have to ask about the status of anything again.


Has anyone updated the client?

Status and expectations

Clients can securely track a process!


Didn't you see the urgent email?

Image of bombarded

Know what's important and what can wait.


It's difficult to follow processes

Hard to follow process

Tallyfy guides you through approval decisions.


Is the process up to date?

Eliminate change management and training.


Track the status of your workflows in real-time

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