Tallyfy is the world’s first workflow software that embeds micro-RPA tasks into people-first and people-driven processes.

“30–50% of RPA initiatives fail completely”

– Mathias Kirchmer and Peter Franz

Abstract from a paper affiliated to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Published July 4, 2019 and viewable here. Tallyfy leverages your existing RPA platform for use cases where it is difficult or impossible to apply RPA today.

Tallyfy helps you realize ROI much faster from your RPA platform and massively reduces probability of failure. Use micro-RPA tasks to foster cultural acceptance of bots. It works for the highest-value front-office and client-facing use cases where people run the process (and always will). With Tallyfy, you fix the manual and the automated parts of a process – in one go! This is not “attended automation” where people are second-class citizens. People will always be the boss.

Employee onboarding on Tallyfy - People + Bots

Digitize both manual and micro-RPA tasks on a single platform


Only works for processes that can be fully automated.

Very few processes are predictable and rule-based and repeat regularly and mundane.


Combine peoples tasks and RPA tasks in one place – so it works for all business processes.


Virtually all processes involve deviations, decisions and exceptions.

Tailoring RPA paths for such processes is cumbersome or impossible.


Collaboration, deviations and people-driven decisions combine with RPA-driven automation – in a single place.


Is your culture ready for RPA?

Taking a “technology-first” approach to RPA is certain to backfire.


Introduce RPA gradually as atomic automations within a Tallyfy process to gain ROI and cultural adoption – far more quickly.

Workflow software that your coworkers will actually like

The easiest workflow software available to augment your RPA platform.

  • Define your forms, approvals and processes

    Start with everyday needs

  • One place to see your services and processes

  • Kick off approval workflows using web forms

  • Update SOP’s to eliminate versioning chaos

  • Define who does what, when and how

  • Real-time workflows for employees and clients

    Be the best manager on Earth

  • Works without leaving Outlook or Gmail

  • Integration via webhooks and API

  • Real-time tracking for all your services

  • Branching automates your decisions

  • Process improvement for any size of business

    Gain competitive advantages

  • Handle process variation without flowcharts

  • Integrate via open API and SSO

  • Integrate AI for voice, images and more

  • Stream analytics to your BI system

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