The world’s first API-driven orchestration for RPA

Tallyfy is orchestration software for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) which perfectly compliments your RPA platform. It combines tasks for people and tasks for bots in one place – enabling you to use RPA for processes that are impossible to automate with RPA alone.

Tallyfy is beautiful workflow software that automates your custom processes and prevents tasks from falling through the cracks. Eliminate stress - try it now.

“30–50% of RPA initiatives fail completely”

– Mathias Kirchmer and Peter Franz

Noted in an abstract of a conference paper, affiliated to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and BPM-D. Paper published on July 4, 2019 and viewable here. Read on to find out why – and how to drastically reduce this failure rate.


Only works for processes that can be fully automated.

Very few processes are predictable and rule-based and repeat regularly and mundane.


Combine peoples tasks and RPA tasks in one place – so it works for all business processes.


Virtually all processes involve deviations, decisions and exceptions.

Tailoring RPA paths for such processes is cumbersome or impossible.


Collaboration, deviations and people-driven decisions combine with RPA-driven automation – in a single place.


Is your culture ready for RPA?

Taking a “technology-first” approach to RPA is certain to backfire.


Introduce RPA gradually as atomic automations within a Tallyfy process to gain ROI and cultural adoption – far more quickly.

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