British agency scales after systemizing their business in Tallyfy

Andrew Hurrell, owner of Get Customers Fast shares how Tallyfy helped his digital marketing agency survive and grow when he found out that he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Get Customers Fast is a full service digital marketing agency based in England that has helps hundreds of UK businesses get the most from the internet using the most cost effective and proven marketing methods.

Andrew Hurrell


What was the core problem you wanted to solve?

At the end of November 2018, I unexpectedly fell ill and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My perspective in all areas of my life changed. I realized I needed to systemize all operations in my business so others could continue everything in my absence.

In the space of 6 weeks of using Tallyfy, I’ve created templates for every aspect of the business. The team now know exactly what they tasks and actions they should be completing and at what time and date. My team can finally work to their full potential. Tallyfy has brought transparency and structure in our entire organization.

Fast forwarding to six weeks, I’m writing this in early January 2019, I’ve had some wonderful news – the tumor is benign and all things being positive I should be around for several years to come.

Tallyfy has been my saving grace, it’s amazing!

Can you list the names of processes you run on Tallyfy?

We haved used Tallyfy to systemize and automate all our critical client facing processes:

  • Welcome onboard process
  • Client onboarding process
  • Cancellation process
  • Repeatable tasks we need to do at day 30, 60, 90 and 120 for each client process.

How was your company doing these tasks and processes before?

We used Google Sheets and relied on assigning and tracking tasks inside our CRM software. In all honesty, spreadsheets and tasks in the CRM did not work well, things would invariably get missed.

What other software did you evaluate before you chose Tallyfy? Why did you select Tallyfy?

CRMs help us find information and communications with a client in one place, they do not outline and track the actual work that needs to be done after we win a client.

We needed a dedicated task and process management tool that would trigger and track tasks that need to be done for each client without reinventing the wheel each time for every new client project.

How has Tallyfy impacted your business – what do your clients or employees think?

It has only been a few weeks since we systemized our business using Tallyfy and I can already see an improvement in the team’s productivity. We are now able to outsource more and more work. I’m confident that Tallyfy will continue to make a positive impact on the future of our business.

What specific features did you like most about Tallyfy? Why?

I like all the features that Tallyfy offers. But, if I had to pick a favorite, it would definitely be how the dashboard is set up. It is extremely user-friendly and gives me a complete picture of all ongoing processes and who is doing what.

In up to 3 sentences, how would you describe Tallyfy to others?

Tallyfy has completely systemized my business. Tallyfy can help anyone turn any job into a repeatable process, so you don’t have to be there 24/7 to describe and guide what should be done. You can finally outsource work with confidence and focus on growing the business.

Would you recommend Tallyfy to others? If so, to who and why?

Everyone should be thinking about systemizing their business, it’s the only way to grow. I would definitely recommend Tallyfy to business owners who would like to outsource work, to senior management who have staff working under them or anyone responsible for growth of their organization.

What is the main thing that stands out about Tallyfy?

Tallyfy is a cloud-based and incredibly easy to use. Tallyfy pushes out improvements and new features at regular intervals which is a great comfort. The customer support is really great, they all seem to be the experts in this industry.

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