Workflow skills. Without the bills.

Whether you’re embarking on a digital transformation or just need help with mapping and launching one use case – our professional services team can get you excellent outcomes or explain your project clearly to our external consultants. We focus on mapping blueprints, but we can also help you with implementing integrations and change.


Where can you begin?


  • Inbound campaign requests
  • Structured feedback from sales
  • Creative approval and QA


  • High touch client onboarding
  • Structure product feedback to R&D
  • Playbooks to triage FAQ's


  • Purchase requests and approvals
  • Accounts receivable & payable
  • Vendor or supplier onboarding


  • Self-service orientation for new employees
  • Structure incoming talent requests
  • Reimbursement and promotion requests


  • Structure incoming issues and ideas
  • Product quality assurance cycles
  • Product release or update processes


  • Triage tickets and run custom playbooks
  • Integrate DevOps to everyday processes
  • Security and asset re-assignment checklists


  • Lead qualification or enrichment
  • Quote to Contract to Close
  • Customer handover to operations


  • Structure and deliver process audits
  • Train AI with human-in-the-loop
  • Request to BI to Insight Delivery


  • Transform SOP's into engaging experiences
  • Crowdsource and control know-how
  • Deliver "one source of truth"

Tailored professional services

  • Dedicated account manager. Regular check-ins, screen-sharing calls and prioritized support with a friendly workflow and product expert who will know your needs inside and out.
  • Mapping your process(es). We make sure you have all the right steps and everyone agrees.
  • Optimizing your process(es). We make sure the process is as efficient and scalable as possible.
  • Create your Tallyfy blueprint. We utilize advanced features and get it right.
  • Testing and piloting. We can help you define a pilot, a business case, ROI metrics and more.
  • Systems and integration. We evaluate your current systems and propose integration methods.
  • Change management and training. We facilitate meetings to finalize any launch, ensuring clear ROI without political or cultural pain for you.

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