Workflow skills. Without the bills.

Whether you’re embarking on a digital transformation or just need help with mapping and launching one use case – our professional services team can get you excellent outcomes.

Tailored professional services

  • Dedicated account manager. An expert who will know your needs inside and out.
  • Mapping your process(es). We make sure you have all the right steps and everyone agrees.
  • Optimizing your process(es). We make sure the process is as efficient and scalable as possible.
  • Create your Tallyfy blueprint. We utilize advanced features and get it right.
  • Testing and piloting. We can help you define a pilot, a business case, ROI metrics and more.
  • Systems and integration. We evaluate your current systems and propose integration methods.
  • Change management and training. We facilitate launch, change and ROI for you.

Modern teams Trust Tallyfy for Onboarding, Workflows, Approvals & SOP's

Assign, automate, track and train in one system. It's amazingly easy and deliciously powerful.

Where can you begin?


  • Inbound campaign requests
  • Structured feedback from sales
  • Creative approval and QA


  • High touch client onboarding
  • Structure product feedback to R&D
  • Playbooks to triage FAQ's


  • Purchase requests and approvals
  • Accounts receivable & payable
  • Vendor or supplier onboarding


  • Self-service orientation for new employees
  • Structure incoming talent requests
  • Reimbursement and promotion requests


  • Structure incoming issues and ideas
  • Product quality assurance cycles
  • Product release or update processes


  • Triage tickets and run custom playbooks
  • Integrate DevOps to everyday processes
  • Security and asset re-assignment checklists


  • Lead qualification or enrichment
  • Quote to Contract to Close
  • Customer handover to operations


  • Structure and deliver process audits
  • Train AI with human-in-the-loop
  • Request to BI to Insight Delivery


  • Transform SOP's into engaging experiences
  • Crowdsource and control know-how
  • Deliver "one source of truth"

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