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    How to complete form fields in a task using our API

    To complete form fields in a process task, follow these simple steps:

    1. Gather your information: Make a GET request to{org}/me/tasks to obtain the necessary information for updating the task.

    2. Decide how to proceed: To fill out the form fields and mark the task as complete, send a POST request to{org}/runs/{run_id}/completed-tasks. If you only want to update the task without marking it as complete, send a PUT request to{org}/runs/{run_id}/tasks/{task_id}.

    3. Submit your payload: Whether you’re marking the task as complete or just updating it, use the following payload structure:

      "taskdata": {
        "${id_of_field_to_be_completed}": "${desired_value}"

    If you need assistance with integrations and advanced features, contact Tallyfy Support for additional services.