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  • For startups and non-profits
  • FREE 30-day trial
  • $15 / user / month

    You get most features – except storage is limited, basic deadlines, no decision logic or analytics.

  • One private organization Basic roles and free guest access
  • Knowledge Base & FAQs
  • Build unlimited master processes
  • Start unlimited runs
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • 5 GB storage limit
  • Secure, backed-up multi-tenant database
  • Integration with 400+ apps via Zapier
  • Simple assignment and forms
  • Approval workflows
  • Basic commenting
  • Basic deadlines
  • Access to API
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • Annual - 2 months FREE!

  • Robust workflow features
  • FREE 30-day trial
  • $30 / user / month

    You get all advance features, basic analytics & unlimited storage. Online help for set up during trial.

  • One private organization Full role definitions and free guests
  • Online and phone support
  • Build unlimited master processes
  • Start unlimited runs
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Our native Amazon S3 bucket
  • Secure, backed-up multi-tenant database
  • Integration with 400+ apps via Zapier
  • Re-assignment & advance forms
  • Conditional and decision-logic
  • Report problems & improvements
  • Step relative deadlines
  • API-enabled integrations
  • Export a run in CSV
  • Basic analytics
  • x
  • Annual - 2 months FREE!

  • Business Process Management
  • Get a demo
  • Custom pricing

    Advanced features, unlimited storage, strong customization, professional services & custom SLA.

  • Federation across multiple teams Advanced roles / SSO
  • SLA &  account manager 
  • Build unlimited master processes
  • Start unlimited runs
  • On-premise or cloud hosting
  • Customizable Amazon S3 bucket
  • SQL Server or SAP Hana options
  • API-triggered integration workflows
  • Groups and advance forms
  • Advance conditional & decision-logic
  • Problem & improvement insights
  • Dynamic deadlines with rules
  • API-enabled integrations
  • Export a run in CSV/other formats
  • Custom analytics with big data streaming
  • Success Package with account manager
  • Get a demo

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Master Process

A master process is like a template for a process that you do repetitively. A regular user can build unlimited master processes.


When you actually want to do a process, you take a copy of the master process – and this copy is called a run. When you start a run, you are able to uniquely name it, do it, and track it. You can have multiple runs for each master process running at the same time. A regular user can start unlimited runs.

Regular User

A regular user in Tallyfy has access to all the features shown in the pricing table. A regular user belongs to an ‘organization’ and can see all activity (processes, runs etc) in that organization. A regular user is a paid user of the app.

Guest User

A guest user is invited into Tallyfy by a regular user to participate in a particular run. A guest user will have limited permissions and features available to them. A guest user cannot see any other processes in an organization. This type of user is perfect if you want to invite customers/clients/partners to take part in, or to track specific steps in a run. A guest user is a free user. A guest user can be upgraded to a regular user either by being invited as a regular user by an organization, or by upgrading their account using their own payment method. A guest user that upgrades themselves to a regular user will continue to only see runs that they have been invited to participate in.


An organization in Tallyfy represents a group of regular users that share the same master processes and see their runs. Any user that signs up for Tallyfy belongs to an organization or is invited into one. Administrators within an organization have the ability to invite other users into the organization. An organization pays for all of its regular users, which is set up through a single regular user who has an administrative role in Tallyfy.


A library is a collection of all the master checklists that regular users have built within your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does billing work?

One regular user with an administrative role within an organization is responsible for payment. In any given billing period – we charge for the maximum number of users within that billing period. For example, if you originally had 5 users, and you invite 1 user for a week, you will be billed for 6 users in that month’s billing cycle. Please contact Tallyfy if your organization wants to consolidate payments by several regular users.

What exactly can guests users DO in Tallyfy?

Guest users can only see and participate in the runs in which they have been invited into. They are able to do steps, comment, and track the run that they have been invited into. A guest user is unable to view the organization library, other master checklists and runs within the organization.