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Integrate OneLogin SAML/SSO

OneLogin SAML/SSO Integration with Tallyfy

To integrate OneLogin SAML/SSO with your Tallyfy organization, follow these simple steps:

  1. Set up and configure a OneLogin app with SAML support.
  2. Use the OneLogin app’s settings to configure SAML on Tallyfy.
  3. Enable SAML for your organization on Tallyfy to start SSO authentication and user provisioning.

Creating a OneLogin app for your Tallyfy organization:

  • Open the Administration menu and go to Applications > Applications page.
  • Click Add App.
  • Search for SAML Test Connector and select the SAML Test Connector (Advanced) app.
  • Edit the Display Name and click Save.

Configuring SAML settings:

  • Get the default SAML values from your Tallyfy organization’s Support page.
  • Go to your OneLogin app connector page, and click on the Configuration tab.
  • Copy the values from Tallyfy to the corresponding fields in OneLogin.
  • Click Save.

Adding parameters needed by Tallyfy:

  • Go to the Access tab on the app connector page.
  • Add three parameters by clicking the + button and filling in the required information.

Adding users to your app connector:

  • On the app connector page, go to the Access tab.
  • Ensure that the settings grant access to the app connector, such as enabling a role.
  • Click Save.

Configuring SAML on Tallyfy:

  • Go to the SSO tab on your app connector page.
  • Use the values provided as SAML configs to integrate the app with Tallyfy.
  • Enable SAML in your organization by toggling the button.

Provisioning new members to Tallyfy using SSO:

  • Copy the Tallyfy login URL from the SAML configs modal in Tallyfy Support.
  • Share the URL with your users who have access to the OneLogin app Connector.
  • Existing users can log in using the link, while new users will be automatically added to your Tallyfy organization.

Congratulations! Single Sign-On and User Provisioning using OneLogin are now set up for your organization in Tallyfy. Enjoy the seamless experience!