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Integrate Okta SAML/SSO

To integrate Okta SAML/SSO with your Tallyfy organization, follow these simple steps:

  1. Set up and configure an Okta app with SAML support.
  2. Use the Okta app’s settings to configure SAML on Tallyfy.
  3. Enable SAML for your organization on Tallyfy for SSO auth and user provisioning.

Here’s how to create an Okta app for your Tallyfy organization:

  • Go to Applications > Applications in the Admin Console and click Add Application.
  • Select Web as the Platform and SAML 2.0 for the sign-on method, then click Create.
  • Choose a name and logo for your app.
  • Get the default SAML values from Tallyfy and fill them in the Okta app settings.
  • Configure advanced settings and attribute statements.
  • Click Finish.

Now, let’s configure SAML on Tallyfy:

  • In your Okta app page, click on the Sign On tab and scroll down to View Set up instructions.
  • Copy the provided SAML configs.
  • Go to the Tallyfy Support page and fill in the SAML configs.
  • Save the configs and enable SAML in your organization.

To provision new members to Tallyfy using SSO:

  • Copy the Tallyfy login URL from the Support page.
  • Share the URL with your members who have access to the Okta SAML app.
  • Existing users can log in, while new members will be automatically added to your Tallyfy organization.