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Visualize Tallyfy Data using Tableau

Wondering what you can do with the data from Tallyfy? Check out these awesome visualizations you can create using Tableau! 馃搳馃敟

  1. Task Lateness Track if tasks are completed on time or late. Analyze schedules and consider adjusting due dates if needed.

  2. Task Lateness by User Compare the performance of individual users. Identify who completes tasks late or early.

  3. Lateness Time Trend Visualize how timeliness has changed over time. Find patterns and identify slow days.

  4. Processes per User Monitor the number of processes owned by each user. See who goes above and beyond.

  5. Tasks Completed by User Keep track of the number of tasks completed by each user. Measure productivity and efficiency.

  6. Task Lateness by Task Identify tasks that are consistently completed on time or late. Understand which tasks may be causing delays.

  7. Launches per Template Determine the number of process launches from each template. Discover which templates are underutilized.

  8. Tasks Completed by Day Analyze the number of tasks completed each day. Evaluate workflow efficiency.

  9. Comments per Task Identify steps in your processes that receive the most comments. Make improvements where necessary.

  10. Issues per Task Discover steps in your process that have the most reported issues. Consider revising those steps.

  11. More These are just a few examples of what you can do with your Tallyfy data. The possibilities are endless! We give you complete access to your data so you can uncover valuable insights.

To download the Tableau workbook file used to create these visualizations, click here. Simply connect to your data and start exploring in no time!

Workbook File