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Launch fill-in-the-blanks templates

Tallyfy offers document automation through templates that allow you to create read-only documents with editable fields. Let’s see how it works:

To launch a document, you have two options: either access it from the Library view or the Document Editor view. In both cases, you’ll find a launch document button.

Once you click on “Launch Document,” you’ll be taken to a kick-off form. This form includes all the fields created in the document, and you can fill them out to auto-fill the template.

When you’re done filling in the required fields, simply click on “Launch Document.”

If you want to preview or download the filled-in template, there’s a “Preview” button available for that purpose.

And lastly, if you need to update or correct the inputs, you can easily edit the form field entries.

That’s all there is to it! Tallyfy makes document automation easy and efficient. Give it a try and streamline your workflow today!