Are you thinking about these questions?

Can I bring my business process or BPMN diagrams into Tallyfy?

Flowcharts can be difficult to follow while you work. You can easily map existing flowcharts or SOP's into Tallyfy templates - and we can help you do this. Tallyfy simplifies work into actionable steps that reflect real-life workflows.

Is Tallyfy better than project management tools?

Project management tools work well if your projects are unique every time. Workflow management software helps you to scale your operations, so that you're not reinventing the wheel every time.

If I track processes on spreadsheets - can you help me move them to Tallyfy?

Workflow software handles workflows, whereas spreadsheets handle data. If you have a SOP or process already - we can help you move it.

Can Tallyfy integrate into my existing tools?

Tallyfy is the only business process management software that was built entirely API-first. In non-technical terms, that means data can be pushed out or pulled in to Tallyfy. You can also use third-party integration tools like Zapier.

Has something like Tallyfy ever existed?

Your only option was to spend $$$$ on Business Process Management (BPM) software which would take 6 months to implement with an army of IT. Tallyfy is free to try and takes just 15 minutes to setup. Read about Old BPM vs. Tallyfy.

What if we already have BPM software?

Tallyfy is simpler, smarter and 100x faster to solve a thousand papercuts that are difficult or impossible to solve with legacy BPM. It's easy enough for all business users - IT is not a bottleneck.

Can I actually improve a process with Tallyfy?

Six Sigma started in 1986 - when today's technology and user experience did not exist. Tallyfy goes beyond workflow management software and fully empowers process improvement professionals. It lets you crowdsource ideas from the field, and ships real-time data to your favourite analytics or BI tool for insights and understanding.