Product Updates

V4.5 – Parrot

December 28, 2023

Lots of amazing cumulative updates in this release!

  • Blueprints are now called templates
  • Tracker cards look much better and significantly different
  • Polish has been applied to automations within templates – and you can now do much more with automations
  • Lots (we mean hundreds) of little enhancements here, there and everywhere!

V4 – Bird of Paradise

April 30, 2023

Yes – we know it’s been crazy long since our last update. That’s because we were in a closed development period. We were going absolutely nuts with improvement. So busy – that updates on our features were only privately communicated with our largest customers. What we did during this closed development period was nothing short of incredible. We delivered a massive number of visible and invisible improvements. From this points – we will resume publishing product updates. Some (just a tiny sample) of what we delivered during our closed development period is shown below.

  • We perfected the world’s first application of AI to help you create an entire procedure from scratch. That includes the swim lanes of who actually does every task as well as deadlines and how the task is done. It’s spectacular! Try Tallyfy AI in-app!
  • We change our entire user interface for the Tasks and Tracker to operate via a concept of narrowing filters. As the number of very large customers who use Tallyfy grows the ability to scale and filter down on processes and tasks is crucial.
  • We entirely overhauled branding and the fonts across the user interface.
  • We added groups as well as job titles when it comes to assigning people. In larger settings, you don’t generally assign individual people, but instead you assign job titles to every specific step in your blueprint.
  • We introduced the ability to create a document template so that you can simply fill out the blanks and create a specific copy of that document.
  • We introduced the world’s first feature in this category of software to take any content written in any language in automatically translated in real time to more than 96 languages. The quality of translation is better-than-human according to statistical benchmarks. The needs around this came from our very large customers who have to deal with content in lots of countries. Sometimes it’s a legal requirement to have localized content available as well.
  • We added the ability to integrate Google Analytics and Mixpanel to track engagement data like who is reading your processes, as well as track engagement events that are generated within the system.
  • We overhauled the entire launch process wizard so that it looks more like a checkout experience and simplifies the entire process of launching.
  • You can link one off or ad-hoc tasks into any process so you’re not stuck with the original process as it was written.
  • Permissions were deepened and strengthened with the ability to have granular permissions for every single blueprint within the system.
  • We introduced task types for the first time. These types range from normal task through to an approval and all the way through to an email in draft or in a form which is automatically sent on the deadline date. We also invented a completely new type of task called an expiring task – which essentially completes itself on the deadline date. This is great for tasks which are not super important and so they don’t need to clog up your list of things to do.
  • We can automatically compute the deadline of a task to work around your standard working week. This means that deadlines don’t fall on days that the entire company doesn’t work.
  • We strengthened and deepened many of our compliance and security postures and systems. During the period we became SOC2 compliant.
  • Our entire client infrastructure is now hosted within 50 milliseconds of most of the planet. This means that the user interface works incredibly fast and should be much more of a delight to use.
  • The settings section was significantly altered with a separation of individual settings and preferences and organization settings and preferences.
  • The ability to edit task attributes with just a single click is now beginning to be rolled out throughout the entire app.
  • For customer workflows, our guest views are significantly better with the ability for a guest to also sub delegate a task to someone else at their end.
  • We introduced snippets – which are reusable pieces of content that can be plugged in anywhere you like such that changing the master snippet makes it go live across everywhere it’s referenced. This is amazing for repeatable content that you just want to update in one place.
  • Creating any blueprint has now moved into one spot which also includes the ability to quickly switch to Tallyfy AI to create your blueprint.
  • When you create any content throughout the app, whether it’s a document or the description of a task, we now have the ability to enter branded global CSS. As soon as somebody types content in it automatically styles everything to look exactly like you want it to look for your brand. In other words, there’s no need to manually format content anymore with global CSS – everything is automatically beautiful the moment it’s typed in.
  • We perfected the ability to stream all our data in real time to any BI system of your choice. Most people use Tableau and Power BI.
  • We now offer single sign-on completely for free to all organizations. Security should not be optional.
  • After a long period of diligence and checks we were officially certified as BIMI compliant. This means we have the highest standards of email security as well as visual branding on most email clients.
  • We became HSTS compliant and maintained that properly. This means that Tallyfy is super secure and is also immune to most of the common ‘man in the middle’ attacks which non-compliant apps are easily exploited with.
  • We also added and changed thousands and thousands and thousands of small things and those improvements are simply too many to list here. We are practicing what we preach when it comes to continuous improvement in every tiny form it takes.

V2.39 – Finch

August 5, 2021

  • This is a huge release. First up – groups. Yes! Assign steps or tasks to groups – not individuals!
  • We now have a people directory on the sidebar. It’s basic right now – but if you want to see which person does what in your company – this will expand a lot in future.
  • The homepage of the blueprints library now defaults to an activity feed. You asked to see what was changed recently – we listened and changed things up!
  • You can now automatically generate a table of contents in a document blueprint – using proper, semantic markup for headings.
  • Lots of fixes to basic task views, comments.
  • A large amount of fixes to Settings. For example – you can now see numbers of guests and members at a glance in a table view.
  • A big load of general bugs fixed with UI improvements. These micro-improvements are subtle but really add up – overall. Did you notice the cheeky “3 birds” looking around when a view is empty or complete? They will follow your mouse around as well.

V2.38 – Vireo

May 19, 2021

  • This is huge – there is a new blueprint library. Very shiny and very new. It saves you many more clicks – since you can browse any folder by just clicking on it. You can also preview a blueprint without having to go to the blueprint editor anymore. Everybody loves less clicks. We are adding much more in future, so watch this area!
  • You can now limit the maximum assignees on a task. As we prepare to launch groups later on – this will become important, because assigning 50 people to a task is quite likely to not only overwhelm those 50 people, but make accountability almost meaningless!
  • Grab “forever links” for any guest at any time – in case they forget their link. Just so you know – Tallyfy keeps the same link for the same guest throughout their lifetime. This massively eases the burden on you and the guest as they only ever need to go to one link to see everything they did and everything they need to do.
  • Comments are now in blueprints – enabling you to collaborate while building or improving any blueprint!
  • There’s a new task type called an “Email”. Guess what it does? It actually sends an email! In the end – everything is a task. We are adding many more task types in future. It’s a simple beginning, and there are some kinks – but things are improving fast.
  • We simplified the rich text editor a bit to ensure formatting doesn’t go overboard.
  • You can now add tags when you launch a process to help categorize processes just prior to launch.
  • A lot of general bugs fixed with UI improvements. These micro-improvements are subtle but really add up – overall. We believe in the theory of “marginal gains”.

V2.37 – Quail

March 16, 2021

  • Activity feeds have gone into GA (General Availability) – so both blueprints and processes now have simple audit trails.
  • This one is great for larger companies (or any size company). You can now set onboarding “snippets” which will show to all new members that join your organization. That would mean a fully customized welcome message that you can tailor to whatever you like, which should massively help with training or introducing Tallyfy to new members in your company. The custom welcome feels a lot warmer to them too.
  • You type, you click somewhere else – you just lost your changes. Annoying right? We removed manual saving when editing step descriptions on blueprints, and we just automatically.
  • Only admin roles can now create/edit org snippets. Lucky them!
  • The status of a process to a guest is now independent of the overall process status – no need to show your clients any dirty laundry in-house!
  • Ability to open links natively in a new tab – which is great to edit or browse multiple blueprints or processes in several browser tabs.
  • We will now auto-create certain comments for you (less typing saves you the strain) or you can pick pre-written comments via a dropdown on every task. Our mission is to save your fingers and wrists through automation.
  • We updated our WYSIWYG editor with more richness and formatting options.
  • Search is now a lot better – you can do advanced searches and also do partial-match searches across all objects.
  • A big load of general bugs fixed with UI improvements. These micro-improvements are subtle but really add up – overall.

V2.36 – Peewee

February 15, 2021

  • You can now embed a blueprint within a blueprint, just like you could embed snippets as re-usable content.
  • We launched our public library of all public processes. It’s like the App Store for blueprints and templates!
  • A full (physical) address is now required when purchasing or upgrading Tallyfy – due to new requirements from our payment gateways.
  • Assignment for tasks is now in a single, combined box for both members and guests.
  • The first task in any process, or in your task list will open itself automatically for you! Aren’t you special?
  • Both members and guests can now control email notifications without being logged in.
  • Snippets have a new sprinkle of magical dates – creation date and last updated.
  • The homepage is now even more branded with the custom color of your organization.
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.35 – Magpie

Jan 6, 2021

  • The app has a totally new and sweet homepage that focuses on common jobs you need to do. It includes one-click templates to do those jobs – so there’s no need to build a big blueprint anymore. Tallyfy runs quick, one-off jobs and approvals.
  • You can publish blueprints in public – and we will aggregate them all in a global library! Remember – your mom, wife or aunt Mildred might find them too.
  • You can add a task that expires itself as well as auto-expiring steps in blueprints. This is awesome, as nobody likes seeing “600 incomplete tasks” piled up. We’re not joking – this is like Mission Impossible – the task just “auto-completes” at the deadline. Excellent for tasks which are “optional” to acknowledge like “weekly sales numbers”.
  • Document blueprints now have a ton more formatting features. It looks like MS Word got married to Google Docs and had a baby.
  • When rules execute – the bot leaves a comment on that task. So simple, but so … very … satisfying.
  • All assets on our client app (not some) are now cached and served directly from the edge (globally) via Cloudflare – it’s an awesome company that’s made Tallyfy insanely fast for you. The API performance enhancements coming this year will also blow your mind.
  • Both members and guests can unsubscribe/control email notifications without being logged in.
  • Comments now have states – like visible to guests, collapsed, etc. So – feel free to mock your coworkers without clients being able to see your comments!
  • All magic link creation has now moved to the Settings > Integrations section – where you can generate URL’s to do anything from other apps like quickly creating a task (with just a click) or launching a process (while automatically passing through data in variables on the URL).
  • Launching a process now shows up all descriptions – which was not the case before.
  • There’s a whole new section on AI – artificial intelligence and data integrations we can work on, but it would be a custom job for now using various services that offer such capabilities. Pretty exciting though!
  • Various bugs fixed in table views
  • Branding logos in emails are fixed
  • Search results for archived processes fixed.
  • Many other bugs were squashed with our big fists, but we apologized to the bugs first.

V2.34 – Kingbird

November 24th, 2020

  • You can now react on comments 🙂
  • Guests now receive daily digests if they have any tasks due – just like members do. That means automated reminders for your clients and partners.
  • Guests can now track processes too – on their own public view.
  • Shiny and polished “ripples” when you complete a task.
  • New orgs going forward will see a plain default background. It seems rainforests aren’t for everyone!
  • Hidden tasks show correct/better state calculations for progress.
  • Many other likeable but annoying bugs were squashed.

V2.33 – Gull

October 30th, 2020

  • Ability to add form fields to one-off tasks.
  • Share a document more easily with others.
  • Blueprint editor simplified.
  • Billing settings simplified.
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.32 – Falcon

September 26th, 2020

  • Automatically launch a new process.
  • Guests can switch between multiple orgs.
  • Drag and drop blueprints into folders.
  • Guest can comment on tasks.
  • Date and time chooser.
  • Bulk assign deadlines.
  • Collapsibile views in blueprint library.
  • Documents view redesign.
  • Infinite scroll in process view.
  • Share-able task URLs with filters.
  • File Upload (Insert URL).
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.31 – Bluebird

August 26th, 2020

  • New homepage experience gives you a better view of your tasks, processes, and blueprints.
  • Power tools now allow you to bulk assign or unassign tasks.
  • Process launch has been simplified.
  • More detailed blueprint level webhooks
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.30 – Woodpecker

August 10th, 2020

  • You can now search for tasks, processes, and blueprints anywhere in the app!
  • Sort and favorite your blueprints.
  • Blueprint folders have a new look.
  • Blueprint editing has a new and improved design.
  • Webhooks have been restructured.
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.29 – Auklet

July 10th, 2020

  • Ability to permanently delete blueprints and processes.
  • Internal improvements to blueprints and their structures
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.
  • Fixes on roles and permissions

V2.28 – Warbler

June 24th, 2020

  • Set roles and permissions within your organization.
  • Create and reuse snippets that allow you to paste saved descriptions in steps, one-off tasks, and comments.
  • Add tasks to active processes on the fly.
  • Import blueprints from one org to another.
  • Sign up just got easier!
  • Invite guests at the time of task assignment.
  • Docs plan can now create and view rules.
  • Integration to Integromat.
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.26 – Wigeon

April 14th, 2020

  • Try out the all new Table View in the tracker.
  • New step type, “Approve” or “Reject.”
  • Collaborate in real-time on blueprints
  • Tracker view, see more process name in the card view.
  • Tracker view, ability to order process cards by due date.
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.25 – Goshawk

February 25th, 2020

  • Compact task cards are now available in your active process and tasks view.
  • It’s easier than ever to bulk assign tasks when you change process owners.
  • You can now launch a zero click process.
  • Add your own Google Analytics tracker code via Settings.
  • Launch Process Zap (Zapier) now allows you to add guests and assign deadlines automatically.
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.24 – Brambling

January 7th, 2020

  • Guest (your clients) now have a custom view for all of the tasks you’ve assigned to them.
  • Blueprint step details pane now expands to fit any screen size.
  • Added help video for procedure creation.
  • Show and hide details added to blueprint library folders.
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.23 – Turtle Dove

December 23rd, 2019

  • You can now organize blueprints into folders.
  • Brand new Gmail plugin available.
  • Enabled native video uploads and streaming via Froala
  • Added Ability to hide/show/edit hidden tasks in Active Process Tasks
  • Renamed Process Tracker filter from “Active” to “Not complete”
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.22 – Bean Goose

November 21st, 2019

  • Improved filters on tasks view.
  • Home – Find all of Tallyfy’s main functions like creating blueprints, launching processes, and creating tasks in one spot!
  • Improved log in experience.
  • 2 pane view for blueprint creation.
  • Tags added to blueprints.
  • General bug fixes and UI improvements.

V2.21 – Phoenix

October 23rd, 2019

  • Docs plan launched! Find all your company how-to’s in ONE place from just $2.50!
  • The Library in the sidebar now contains all your blueprints.
  • Ability to insert tables to task descriptions and comments.
  • Process Tracker, see when the next task is due.
  • New simplistic sidebar for everything you need to access daily.
  • Access and read the User Guide articles and videos more easily!
  • Automatic reassignment of tasks and blueprint ownership for members you remove.
  • Mark a form as required or not more easily.

V2.20 – Swallow

September 2nd, 2019

  • Tallyfy has a Slack integration.
  • Tallyfy is on Microsoft Flow.
  • We offer everyone on the free plan a 14 day free trial on the PRO plan starting today!
  • Create all types of kick-off forms.
  • Copy, share, and view a guest task link any time.
  • Bonjour and Hallo! Tallyfy is now available in French and German.
  • More subtle and informative guest email footer.
  • +Create one-off tasks and more much more easily.
  • More billing management options.
  • New position for kick-off form.
  • Expansion in integration capabilities for developers and IT.
  • Faster saving of guest emails.

V2.19 – Black Bird

July 12th, 2019

  • Ability to see email notifications by others as they complete process tasks.
  • Ability to add multiple one-off tasks faster.
  • Launching a process has an improved design.
  • Fixed issues with Advanced step tab.
  • Minor fixes to step saving.
  • Minor fixes to translations in notifications area

V2.18 – Cardinal

July 4th, 2019

  • Ability for processes to inherit tags from their blueprints.
  • Easily read, save or print any blueprint.
  • Ability to see the whole step name when editing.
  • Ability to see the hidden tasks of a process in a CSV.
  • SAVE CHANGES faster across the app.
  • Ability to see the number of tasks in Daily Digests.
  • Tallyfy user interface now available in Japanese

V2.17 – Lark

May 10, 2019

  • Ability to download and print a blueprint.
  • Custom logo and color branding on emails.
  • Export a process as a CSV.
  • Ability to add code snippets to any WYSIWYG editor.
  • Reduction in Tallyfy branding on all emails.
  • Ability to see guest assignment in closed step in a blueprint.
  • Ability to send reminder emails to members and guests.
  • Guest tasks will not show empty variables.
  • Ability to see and edit process owners.
  • Regenerated all kick-off form alias, task form alias, step alias and blueprint alias for efficiency. Insert variable were automatically updated. API and Zapier users would need to update these alias. All users informed subscribed to service update emails were informed on 10th May 2018.
  • Ability to see tags on process header.

V2.16 – Nightingale

March 23, 2019

  • Ability to @mention in task comments.
  • Tallyfy user interface is now available in Dutch, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin.
  • Automatically complete a task from any other app!
  • Read-mode blueprints. Read it like a procedure.
  • Use Tallyfy on your mobile device!
  • Finer control over email notifications.
  • Abilty to search for guest tasks.
  • Ability to see total number of processes in each view.
  • See an in-app notification for every action.
  • Links in the form’s guidance text are clickable.
  • Ability to add links, files and videos to one-off tasks.
  • Access your favorite (starred) processes easily.
  • Search tasks by “By Due date”
  • Automatically name process as the date.
  • FYI – ‘Coworkers’ are now known as ‘Members’!
  • Already Using Zapier? Please update your template/blueprint IDs to ensure zaps continue to work (if not already done after March 23 2019)
  • API users, referencing form fields? Please ensure you use the field alias and not the capture ID when referencing a process tasks form field (if not already done after March 23 2019)

V2.15 – Raven

November 30, 2018

  • Ability to duplicate a blueprint.
  • Keyboard shortcuts (ability to tab through multiple task forms and more!)
  • You asked – we listened! A simpler blueprint editor has been launched to make editing a process easier and faster.

V2.14 – Dove

November 8, 2018

  • Templates are now called blueprints and with this change comes a brand new, improved, blueprint creation process.
  • New task filters allow you to filter completed, to-do, by coworker, and most recent and most delayed tasks.
  • Insert variables for form fields and kick-off form fields into your step’s description.
  • WYSIWYG editor added to process notes.
  • You may now edit and delete your comments.
  • Updated our authentication to OAuth 2.0, which provides even greater security and flexibility for our API, opening doors to even more integration opportunities
  • Blueprint and process names now have a max character length of 64 characters.
  • Blueprint deadlines have been simplified to show relative deadlines by default.
  • Saving blueprints is automatic and requires no save button.
  • Process header shows process state more clearly.
  • Step rules now show their corresponding step numbers.
  • Starting a process has been simplified and streamlined.
  • Fixed an issue where Zenmate chrome extension was preventing access to Tallyfy.
  • Fixed issue where users involved in only one organization were seeing a screen asking them to select an organization when signing in.
  • Fixed issue where guest tasks were not open by default and weren’t showing videos or descriptions.

V2.13 – Swan

September 17, 2018

  • See task numbers in a process.
  • Ability to resend tasks to assignees
  • New process tracker shows the next task due for each process.
  • Ability to favorite (star) processes.
  • Ability to set ‘before’ deadlines.
  • New rules creation design.
  • Automatically kick-off a new process after any task completion (with Zapier/API)
  • Fresh new daily digest design .
  • Coworker names show up alphabetically in dropdown lists.
  • See a notification when others complete a task.

V2.12 – Cuckoo

August 28, 2018

  • New step card design is here.
  • Ability to receive just the daily digests.
  • See one-off tasks in your Daily Digest.
  • Smoother opening and closing of template steps
  • Radio button form field entry triggers rules.
  • Email preferences settings saving.
  • Relative deadlines update in real-time.

V2.11 – Starling

August 8, 2018

  • Numbers added to steps when creating a template.
  • New design for issue and resolution comments.
  • All coworkers now have an avatar with their initials.
  • Shaped and more precise radio button selection click.
  • Editing date fields on one-off tasks is fixed.

V2.10 – Kingfisher

July 26, 2018

  • Ability to ‘Remember you’ for longer – stay signed in 30 days.
  • Clearly see when form fields are left empty on completed tasks.
  • General fixes and improvements.
  • Template webhooks saving issue fixed.

V2.9 – Parrot

July 17, 2018

  • Email notifications when a process tasks you/Zapier assign to yourself.
  • Email notifications when a guest or coworker re-opens a task.
  • Daily Digest emails
  • Ability to ensure only assigned coworkers can complete a task via Advanced tab in template steps.
  • New and improved sidebar! Easier access to the things you care about.
  • Step cards rise into your view when opened inside of the template editor.
  • Improved legibility on form field guidance text.
  • Relative dates have been added to all comments.
  • New, more clear, task card states, default, hover, and open!
  • Simplified create template screen, just enter the name and you’re off!

V2.8 – Bald Eagle

July 3, 2018

  • Enlarge images inside of task descriptions.
  • Hitting ENTER key commits save when creating text form fields
  • Fixed issue with saving form fields.
  • Fixed issue with archiving tags.

V2.7 – Condor

June 19, 2018

  • Create tasks, templates, start processes, and invite coworkers from anywhere inside Tallyfy with the new “+NEW” button.
  • Do more with the “More details” drawer in active processes and the template editor.
  • Edit assignees and deadlines inside of an active process.
  • “View More” on task card changed to “Open.”
  • Need help creating your template? Now you can schedule a call with our experts inside of the template editor with the “Need Help?” button.
  • Tabs inside of step cards got a makeover.
  • Completing and Re-opening a task plays a sound now. Editable in settings.
  • View the number of steps beside each template name in the template library.
  • Details, assign, deadline, and advanced tabs all contain their own save buttons.
  • Template library archive now has improved darker line design.
  • Ability to remove uploaded avatar.
  • The template editor has a new look and feel.
  • Step alias & field alias are no longer generic and are now read only and can be easily copied.
  • Completed task cards now display the name of the coworker who completed them.
  • Fixed “unsaved changes” lightbox popping up when switching tabs.
  • Fixed “discard changes” button issue not actually discarding changes.
  • Assigning a task in another coworker’s task view now auto assigns them.
  • Checkbox click lag is fixed.
  • If issue is present on process with no tasks, visual indicators will now reveal the issue.

V2.6 – Horned Owl

May 7, 2018

  • New completed task card design with ‘View More’ to see form fields and description.
  • Template step’s ‘Assign’ tab wording is more clear.
  • Active process header scrolls with you and contains important process information.
  • A more intuitive Create Template screen with template name prompt above text field.
  • Cleaner template step cards – no longer contain visible description text at top of card when closed.
  • Ability to easily select a country code for your phone number on sign-up.
  • Users must now click “Agree to Tallyfy service notifications” before joining org.
  • Withdrawing a coworker invite displays success alert.
  • Date picker accepts years 1900 to 9999.
  • “Last step of process” renamed to “Last step of template” and moved to bottom of deadline dropdown list.
  • Username on user’s settings screen is non-editable.
  • Full screen videos do not have overlapping sidebar.
  • COMPLETE button only needs one click to mark complete.
  • Preview form field now contains correct UI for checklist form field type.
  • Users are no longer able to delete a file on a completed task.
  • Switch seamlessly between step tabs with no dialogue prompts when no changes have been made.
  • Sorting filter remains saved on Process Tracker when returning from different screens.

V2.5 – Crow

April 25, 2018

  • Tallyfy is on Zapier! Check out how to connect with and use Zapier.
  • Automatically start a processes using Zapier.
  • Automatically create one-off tasks using Zapier.
  • Ability to create anything new with the NEW button on the top menu.
  • Ability to book a call with sales before you consider upgrading your plan.
  • Ability to clearly see alerts on top menu.
  • Ability to see other coworker’s tasks lists from coworkers-settings view (Paid plans only).
  • Ability to see total number of tasks in the task view.

V2.4 – Eagle

April 13, 2018

  • New WYSIWYG (new text editor) in task comments
  • New color for process statuses (on progress bars):
    • Green = On-time
    • Yellow = Due in 24 hrs
    • Red = Overdue/issue reported
  • New color indicator for task deadlines:
    • Grey = on-time
    • Yellow = Due in 24 hrs
    • Red = Overdue
  • New ‘Power Assign’ guests at start of process (PRO plan feature.)
  • New step relative deadlines (required to refresh after task completion.)
  • More subtle button saving animations.
  • Ability to see full text clearly in completed forms.
  • Your company logo will appear much clearer on Tallyfy, and can now handle @2x files.(please upload it again.)
  • Template steps saving when moved.
  • Relative deadline step name appearing in full.
  • Guest task shows description clearly.
  • Image/files inserted to template step description can be saved and downloaded.

V2.3 – Heron

March 11, 2018

  • New ability to add and see Process Instructions in Start Process View.
  • New ability to add and see Process Notes in a task’s pop-out.
  • Ability to edit a process name during a process.
  • Ability to delete custom process view criteria and entire views.
  • ‘Mark as incomplete’ button on completed task renamed to ‘Re-open.’
  • Completed task card design aligned to incomplete task card design.
  • Clarity on upgrade required beyond 5 users in STARTER (free) plan.
  • Complete button on one-off tasks with description now showing.

V2.2 – Sparrow

March 1, 2018

  • New ability to upload your and others profile photos! 🙂
  • New ability to change organization name and add more organization details.
  • New task card indicated ‘View more’ for forms and descriptions on a task.
  • Downloading files uploaded in tasks.
  • Ability to resend a coworker invite.
  • Task description in completed task now shows up clearly (not HTML.)

V2.1 – Albatross

Feb 9, 2018

  • New ability to delete one-off tasks.
  • New ability to archive templates.
  • New ability to create sub-tasks (checklist form fields in a process task.)
  • New ability to view/edit organization ‘Billing’ under ‘Settings’
  • New ability to remove coworkers from ‘Settings’
  • New ability to invite a new coworker from the template step – Assign tab.
  • New spanish UI on browsers set to that language.
  • New added a rich text editor for step descriptions.
  • New template webhooks emit richer information.
  • Template step card opens without need to refresh.
  • Process tracker shows accurate number of steps (when there are hidden steps.)
  • Can download files uploaded to tasks.
  • Assignment of guest emails saves accurately in start process.
  • Guest task view shows assignee name, organization name etc.
  • Guest task view can upload files.
  • Fixed bugs on showing and hiding conditional rules.
  • The status of coworkers you invite is now accurate.
  • Billing links now let you view billing history and change billing information.
  • Lots of smaller bugs squashed (fixed).

V2.0 – Penguin

Jan 10, 2018

Our entirely new product launched to the public 🙂

Automate your recurring processes in minutes 💪

Assign, automate, track and train in one, beautiful system. It's amazingly easy and deliciously powerful.

Track the status of your workflows in real-time