Business Process Modeling: Definition, Benefits and Techniques

Article   on Workflows and BPM by Amit on Tallyfy

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2 thoughts on “Business Process Modeling: Definition, Benefits and Techniques

  1. Mike Inyang Reply

    Great article Nick. As business consultant, what i have found with most of my clients is that every business process model must have a “repeater” or implementer-in-chief. This may be one person or a team. Their job is to ensure that the, at whatever stage it may be, is brought on ground and followed through to the least detail. Without this person or team, even the very best Business Process Model, will fail, big time

    1. Hi Mike, I agree.

      However – the tooling (as well as the person) is really important. Tallyfy for example – focuses purely on empowering both the business process owner and all their co-workers to actually follow the process easily, on the ground. Instead of starting with model first – you could start with “it’s already on the ground” first, and involve everyone in the making and executing of the model. At Tallyfy – we’re putting the “doing” before the “mapping” so that you get over this major problem.

      Hope it makes sense? Happy to show you a demo if you like – please schedule one here –


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