Best Flowchart Software – Lucidcharts vs Visio

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One thought on “Best Flowchart Software – Lucidcharts vs Visio

  1. I have been a paying lucid chart user for a couple year’s. I started using Visio several months ago.

    Visio is superior to lucid chart in everyway. Examples are.

    1 Visio uses less system resources. This includes the web based versions but certainly the desktop version Visio is much smoother and less if a system hog.

    2 Visio actually does text wrapping and auto sizes a shape based on amount of text. Lucid does nothing of the sort and requires tremendous water of time to configure shapes to work with the amount of text.

    Visio let’s me share and expert files in bulk easily. Lucid only let’s you expert one file at a time.

    Visio has a lot more shapes and templates available to use.

    I would like to support a smaller nice company like lucid but the product is inferior to Microsoft’s.

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