Definition – What is an Enterprise Application?

Like the heart within the human body, an enterprise application is what keeps the various systems of the enterprise’s brain functioning at optimum efficiency, for the good of the entire body.

Without a cohesive system, an enterprise will not survive, or at best, will suffer short and long-term effects which inhibit its successful functionality.

Keeping the flow

A brain, without a consistent supply of blood and oxygen from the heart, will cease to function correctly, because it is without the constant backup support and optimum flow needed to keep it working properly. An enterprise will not function at optimum level without a similar flow of information and activity throughout its operation. It’s all about the workflow.

Enterprise Applications help to keep the workflow running smoothly by using specially-designed software for the different systems within the corporate body. This keeps essential systems and functions working smoothly in a carefully-designed and centrally-supervised way.

The drudgery and time-consuming aspect of repetitive actions in the enterprise are also removed through digital record-keeping and automation of regular activities which would otherwise distract from the integrated flow of operations.

Establishing a core

At the heart of EA is the creation of a core system whereby the organization can run cohesively for optimal efficiency and productivity. It brings together the individual functions and activities of each department (and employee), on a software platform modified for the business operation as a whole. This becomes increasingly vital, in direct proportion to the size of the enterprise, and the wider the sphere of activity.

However, it’s one of those instances of size not mattering, but of how one uses it: A centralized Enterprise Application system can make all operations easier, safer, quicker, more effective and less monotonous, regardless of the size of operation using it. It allows for time to be spent on innovation and adaptation to meet the needs of the ever-changing enterprise environment.

Unifying operations

The Enterprise Application system is made up of individual components, integrating into a central umbrella management structure how each department, or person, operates. At the same time, it supplies tools for the effective operation of each process.

Individual areas are not seen as autonomous units, but rather in their roles as essential elements of the enterprise itself. By cohesion of the systems into the central management and operational hub an EA provides, both the management and the individual units are assisted in the same way – with increased access to information, automation of time-consuming record-keeping and better planning opportunities.

What does Enterprise Application do?

Enterprise Application development is complex and has to be component and mission-based for each situation. It’s made up of a group of programs with shared applications categorized by their function and developed with reference to enterprise architecture. It is a critical part of any IT system for the smooth running of an efficient business.

There are various processes governed by Enterprise Applications. Individual systems, however, will vary in terms of what processes are drawn together into this wide-ranging management tool. This is because of the varying needs of different business enterprises, and the wide range of business types involved. However, there are some which are common to most EA systems.  These include:

Tallyfy can bring your EA together

When it comes to Enterprise Applications, Tallyfy can prove to be an invaluable tool. With its focus on advising, and providing, process management systems aimed at better workflows, it holds great value as a partner in establishing a centralized platform for enterprises.

An effective Enterprise Application cuts down on time wasted on repetitive functions in the workplace and helps circumvent obstacles to the workflow, as well as future change and adaptation. The result is improved morale and performance as a result of less drudgery; greater security of systems and data, and a simplified system of operations. Determining where the problems exist, and how they can be improved or removed, tied together with real-time monitoring, enables Tallyfy to provide the best solution.

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