What to Include in Your Customer Win Report

Without your customers, your company wouldn’t have anything to do all day. Customers are essential to any company from a local grocery store and cleaning business to a computer manufacturer and toy company. To grow your business and make more money, you need to do one of two things or both at the same time, increase sales to each customer and win new ones. Customer win reports help you get there.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.Sam Walton

Winning new customers can sometimes be a challenging. A customer win report helps your company track new customers that you’ve won, the sales team member responsible for the win, and what incentives won the customer. A proper customer win report can help you identify the types of programs that you need to win even more customers.

You can also use a customer win report to identify effective sales team members and recognize or reward them for their efforts. These team members might have an edge or process that works best for them that other members of the team can apply to their own sales efforts and earn your company more business. Here are some essentials to include in your customer win report.

Customer Information

It’s not enough to see that you had an increase by X amount in sales or that you added X number of new customers. You want to see who those new customers are. A successful customer win report will list the name of the customer and any other helpful information. For instance, if you’re selling business to business, you might want to add the size of the other company to your customer win report.

You can add statistical information about the customer, such as the company’s size of the market or average sales. You need to include an address and contact information on the customer win report. It might make it easy to see ordering trends of new customers if they are located in one special town or region.

You can make gathering customer information one of the initial steps in the process of creating a customer win report. You want to include any essential information that might help you increase the size of their orders at a later date. In some cases, you might want to include new sales to old customers who haven’t purchased in a long time.

Size of the Sale

In some cases, a new customer might make a small initial order or a series of small orders. In other cases, the new customer might place a significantly sized order. Your customer win report should identify the size of the sale and the number of sales if there are multiple orders throughout the initial period.

A customer win report helps you to see the trends. If you have a single customer that has placed a lot of small orders on your customer win report, you can see what you can do to consolidate the orders into one larger purchase, especially if you’re offering free shipping. It might be worth offering additional incentives for the customer to merge the orders.

When looking at the customer win report, make note of new clients who placed larger orders. Examine the items on the orders to see if there is some way you can encourage other new customers to place larger orders. By adding the size of the sales to the customer win report, you can find places to grow the account of a new customer.

Reasons – In Your Customer Win Report

Your customer win report should list a reason for winning the new customer. Did the customer approach your company after receiving an email or an online ad? Did the customer receive a catalog or phone call? Identifying areas where your sales and marketing departments are winning new customers should be one of the essential items on your customer win report.

If your company offers a lot of different types of marketing campaigns and sales efforts during the period of the customer win report, you need to come up with a specific code to apply to each one. In this way, you can properly code the customer win report to correspond with the efforts of the sales and marketing department.

This type of information on a customer win report can help your sales and marketing departments repeat popular and effective campaigns and rethink efforts that aren’t big earners. This will help you determine the best uses for your sales and marketing budget and help translate that budget into returns. The customer win report can be a valuable tool for future marketing campaigns and to ensure that your budget gets the best return possible.

Types of Products Sold

On your customer win report, you need to include information about the type of products sold. Like other companies, your company has items that are really money earners and others that are really stingy with your profit bottom line. Looking at the customer win report, you want to be able to quickly and easily identify the types of products sold to the new customers.

The customer win report can help you identify what types of products and specific product lines that appeal to new customers.

The customer win report might help you identify trends in sales not only to new customers but, existing clients. It can help you determine where to place your new product development dollars. With the customer win report, you might find that those old favorite products aren’t as appealing to your newer clients and updating for that product is needed to grow and expand the product line.  In some cases, you might find that it’s time to retire an old favorite or a product that isn’t worth making anymore.

Staff Members Responsible for a Win

A customer win report needs to show if there was a staff member who won the newest customer. First of all, your company should recognize people who make an effort and attract new customers, especially if that person isn’t working directly for the sales or marketing department.

With a complete customer win report, you can see not only who in your sales and marketing department are making the largest sales, but who is attracting a new client base.

In some cases, this person might have an in with new clients or have tapped a resource that other members of the staff aren’t utilizing. While you want your sales and marketing staff to be competitive with each other, you also want them to recognize that the company’s profit margin is more important.

You can use a customer win report to celebrate the member of the sales staff with the largest customer wins but find some way to get them to share an edge that they might have found. This way you can grow your customer base in new and profitable ways.

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