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Every organization uses dozens of different software tools to manage their day-to-day work – and business process management (BPM) is simply one part of it.

To get most out of your BPM software, it needs to have integrations with the rest of your tools. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to fully automate or streamline your processes.

For old-school process management software, this can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Your engineers would have to manually integrate the software with the rest of your tools.

The new wave of BPM tools, however, makes business process integration significantly easier. Most can be connected to your favorite SaaS tools without even needing to write a line of code.

What’s Business Process Integration?

Business process integration is the capability to integrate your BPM software with other systems.

This function is essential if you’re looking to get the most out of BPMS. Ideally, you’d want to automate or streamline your processes end-to-end, which is impossible with only one system.

You might want to, for example, kick off an onboarding process within your BPM software as soon as there’s a new client entry in the CRM.

There are 3 different types of business process integrations that make this possible…

  • Process Trigger – Event happening in a certain system triggers a process in your BPM, as with the onboarding example.
  • Pull – The data is automatically transferred from any given system to the BPM, allowing for participants in the process to make use of it.
  • Push – Transferring the data from the BPM to a different system. So for example, if the process in question is hiring, it could be the transfer of the successful candidate’s data to the HRM system.

No-Code Business Process Integration

If you wanted to integrate your Legacy BPM software with other systems, you’d have a very hard time.

You would actually have to hire a team of engineers to tie the different software tools together using APIs. For those without a tech background, this means that the engineers would have to put a lot of work & code to get this to work.

As a given, this can be both extremely expensive and time-consuming.

If you’re using one of the newer BPM solutions, though, there might be a workaround to this.

Business Process Management Software such as Tallyfy come with an integration with Zapier, which is a platform that connects all sorts of different apps together.

So, Instead of spending time and effort on creating integrations manually, you might want to pick a BPM provider that works with Zapier. This can especially come in handy if you’re using more than 2 systems since this makes business process integration significantly harder.

Instead of having to bother with connecting all those systems together, you just focus on making everything work through Zapier.

Tallyfy – No-Code BPM Software that Supports Process Integration

Tallyfy is one of the best up-and-coming process management solutions.

The software comes with integration to Zapier, making it significantly easier to connect all of your different systems.

In addition to that, Tallyfy comes with a handful of new features that makes it stand out from your average Legacy BPM software…

  • No-Code Platform – The older BPM software is known for being extremely hard to use. You need specialists to set up & configure your processes, as well as provide special training for your employees to be able to work with the system. Tallyfy is built with simplicity in mind. Just about everyone in your organization can create and work with processes.
  • Cloud-Based – On-site software takes a lot of engineering power to set up. You’d need a specialized team who’d spend a lot of time making BPM work for you. This, as a given, can be expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, since Tallyfy is based on the cloud, all it takes to start working is a quick registration.

So, if you’re looking to adopt business process management within your organization, give Tallyfy a try. It’s free to start!

Say hello to clear, simple processes

Tallyfy is the gold standard for checklists and workflows. Documenting our blueprint was easy and helped everyone immediately, especially people working from home. We focused on automating processes and removing stress. We felt 100% confident about tracking complex approvals that used to be a chaos of emails. Amazing.

- Dennis G. / Head of Operations / See more    stories

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