You need to scale. We understand.

Tallyfy for Startups provides exclusive incentives to eligible entities.

Tallyfy helps startups to scale their repeatable processes. We offer exclusive deals to eligible co-working spaces and accelerators.

What is the incentive?

It varies for each entity – but the format is simple. Startups affiliated with the entity can get a large discount on Tallyfy credit. Startups can then use Tallyfy credit against any paid plan. An example deal is $200 for $1k credit. This means you’d pay $200 to get $1k in Tallyfy credit – 80% off the retail value of the credit.

Who are the eligible entities at present?

Alumni or participants at these accelerators:

  • Alchemist Accelerator. We went through Alchemist too 🙂
  • 500 Startups. We’re 500 mafia 🙂
  • Y Combinator

Members at these co-working spaces:

  • T-REX in St. Louis.
  • Cortex in St. Louis.

Companies funded by these VC’s:

  • Sequoia Capital
  • Andreessen Horowitz

What is the process to claim a deal?

  1. Signup for a free account on Tallyfy, invite coworkers – and decide if it’s for you!
  2. When you’re ready – upgrade to a paid account by entering your credit card details.
  3. Email support (at) with your entity name and the deal you are claiming.
  4. We use your billing details to execute and confirm the deal. We then apply your credit.