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Newgen Software

This is about the strengths and weaknesses of Newgen Software BPM along with a viable alternative for Newgen (Tallyfy). Much of it is borrowed from Gartner, with some portions edited and cleaned up.

Tallyfy The only BPM that anyone can understand in 60 seconds

Newgen Software’s platform has its roots in document-centric processes, but has evolved to add iBPMS capabilities. Newgen’s iBPS v.10.3 is composed of OmniFlow v.10.3, OmniDocs v.8.0 and the Newgen Enterprise Mobility Framework (NEMF) v.3.2. The following analysis refers to Newgen iBPS v.10.3.

Strengths of Newgen Software BPM

Weaknesses of Newgen Software BPM

Alternative to Newgen BPM — Tallyfy

Problem — old BPM makes modelling complicated

A great alternative to Newgen would be the ability to model processes simply. Just because you have some big BPMN model doesn’t make you clever or useful. In the end, people can/will still have to actually do the process, which comes down to email/spreadsheets (unless you want a 6-month IT project). It’s simply ridiculous to use BPMN in today’s age — where people collaborate and don’t follow flowcharts anyway. Any alternative to Newgen must entirely remove the use of flowcharts and in particular — BPMN. Unlike what you’ve heard about BPMN — it’s not a “standard” at all — as each vendor creates their own flavor of it. This makes the much-touted “standard” and “portability” aspect of it next to impossible to achieve.

Hard to follow processStatus and expectations

Tallyfy uses simple lists that still have all the features of flowcharts

Problem — just IT and process analysts map processes. Managers crave real power to map a process themselves

Tallyfy is the only tool that enables collaboration amongst any kind of role/person — since most people understand the simplicity of the tool in 60 seconds. The alternative to Newgen is not really an alternative at all — it’s an inevitable switch.

Image of Does everyone agree tallyfy

Tallyfy enables anyone to collaborate on documenting a process

Problem — nobody looks at process maps. You need your processes to be in simple, executable list format

This means you need workflow software like Tallyfy that actually provides that simplicity, along with the power you need.

Please — let’s drop flowcharts and BPMN — it’s totally broken and useless

Consider a beautiful alternative to Newgen — Tallyfy

It integrates to everything, and it actually works for everyone.

If you want to run processes – you need Tallyfy

Auto-document and track recurring workflows between people
3 track simplified final

Auto-document and track workflows with other people in real-time