Pros and Cons of Bizagi — with a Bizagi Alternative

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This is about the strengths and weaknesses of Bizagi BPM along with a viable alternative for Bizagi (Tallyfy). Much of it is borrowed from Gartner, with some portions edited and cleaned up.

Tallyfy The only BPM that anyone can understand in 60 seconds

Bizagi is one of the new entrants in this year’s Magic Quadrant, positioned as the only vendor in the Challengers quadrant. Bizagi, one of the oldest BPM vendors around, can claim this position because of its global customer base, execution capabilities and its disruptive business model based on “freemium” software. This analysis pertains to Bizagi Modeler 3.0 and Bizagi Studio 10.7.

Strengths of Bizagi BPM

  • Bizagi is the one of the easiest products to use in this evaluation. It offers a comprehensive range of self-service training courses to shorten the learning curve and successfully help clients manage their BPM journeys.
  • According to customer reference feedback, Bizagi customers expressed the highest satisfaction with the cost/value of Bizagi’s iBPMS platform product compared to the other vendors in the analysis.
  • Bizagi deploys a disruptive business model. The company offered freemium software before the term was even coined back in 2008. Both the Bizagi Modeler, for collaborative design and documentation of process models (today more than 4 million downloads), and the Bizagi Studio, for automating an unlimited number of these process models into process applications across up to 20 nonproduction users, can be downloaded for free. When ready to develop for production, a named-user-based license is applied.

Weaknesses of Bizagi BPM

  • Because the platform lends itself to opportunistic application development, customers may fail to establish process governance guidelines or a strong business process competency center (BPCC). However, Bizagi customers have been able to scale operations to hundreds of processes and millions of users. Bizagi provides documentation and advisory services to help its customers create digital process competency centers to enable broader digital transformation goals.
  • Although Bizagi provides the ability to manage both structured and unstructured processes, it lacks some capabilities to deliver complex case control. Since this research concluded, Bizagi has released version 11 of its platform, which it states offers a new set of capabilities aimed at delivering superior case management capabilities and contextualized user experiences.
  • Compared to leading iBPMS vendors, Bizagi offers one of the less intelligent products in this evaluation. It supports only the minimal required dimensions of the Gartner Business Process IQ Framework.

Alternative to Bizagi BPM — Tallyfy

Problem — old BPM makes modelling complicated

A great alternative to Bizagi would be the ability to model processes simply. Just because you have some big BPMN model doesn’t make you clever or useful. In the end, people can/will still have to actually do the process, which comes down to email/spreadsheets (unless you want a 6-month IT project). It’s simply ridiculous to use BPMN in today’s age — where people collaborate and don’t follow flowcharts anyway. Any alternative to Bizagi must entirely remove the use of flowcharts and in particular — BPMN. Unlike what you’ve heard about BPMN — it’s not a “standard” at all — as each vendor creates their own flavor of it. This makes the much-touted “standard” and “portability” aspect of it next to impossible to achieve.

Hard to follow processStatus and expectations
Tallyfy uses simple lists that still have all the features of flowcharts

Problem — just IT and process analysts map processes. Managers crave real power to map a process themselves

Tallyfy is the only tool that enables collaboration amongst any kind of role/person — since most people understand the simplicity of the tool in 60 seconds. The alternative to Bizagi is not really an alternative at all — it’s an inevitable switch.

Tallyfy enables anyone to collaborate on documenting a process

Problem — nobody looks at process maps. You need your processes to be in simple, executable list format

This means you need workflow software like Tallyfy that actually provides that simplicity, along with the power you need.

Please — let’s drop flowcharts and BPMN — it’s totally broken and useless

Consider a beautiful alternative to Bizagi — Tallyfy

It integrates to everything, and it actually works for everyone.

Take a look at a video demo of Tallyfy below, as a viable, user-friendly alternative to Bizagi.

Run your operations on auto-pilot

The simple and powerful way to document and track your playbooks, processes, know-how, SOP's and forms.


Tallyfy eliminates everyday stress in your team and prevents needless waste.

Time wasted per person

1 hour

Number of employees


$ wasted per day


Annual Pricing (2 months free)Monthly Pricing


The easiest way to train your team and grow your business

$2.50 / user / month
  • Document playbooks and how-to's
  • Supercharge training with zero-risk
  • Migrate your existing operations manual
  • Start a continuous improvement culture

Len Gilbert

Digital Prism

“By documenting our processes we can now ensure that steps are not missed, there are fewer mistakes."

Help everyone track tasks and decisions


Ensure forms & tasks never slip through the cracks

$12.50 / user / month
  • Don't just read procedures, run them
  • Digitize forms & approval tasks
  • Assign unlimited tasks to clients
  • Track the progress of many jobs


Get predictable and scalable outcomes across teams

$25 / user / month
  • Automate decisions with rules
  • Approval workflows & smart views
  • Custom branding & controls
  • Addons like analytics, SSO & more

Tom Lewis

Cowork Inc.

"Tallyfy has given us time to focus on customer experience. We're confident nothing will get missed."

Anh Le

Opera Theatre of St. Louis

"We have immediate accountability and oversight. We're completing our approval workflows 60% faster."

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