Purchase credits at a discount without quotas or lock-ins

Purchase non-refundable credit upfront and pay via ACH or wire transfer to our US bank account to enjoy discounts on your Tallyfy usage. The more credit you purchase – the larger the discount.

We’re all tired of complex deals

You want zero hassle and uncertainty on pricing. You want pricing discounts to be predictable and scalable. You want pricing without quotas, minimums, maximums or lock-ins – in case your predicted usage doesn’t happen.

  • You only pay for active members. Other companies force you to buy a set number of users, whether you utilize those seats or not. There’s nothing worse than being locked in to minimums and maximums for fixed periods. At Tallyfy – you only get billed for each user when they actually become active.
  • Simple for life. It’s like putting money in a bank account. We draw down any payments due from your credit balance, until it runs out.
  • Credit expires in 5 years. Relax – there’s no pressure to use it.
  • Eliminate complexity. You are effectively pre-purchasing each $1 of credit for less than $1. No strings attached. No 30-page contracts. No legal bills to agonize over contracts. Nobody likes complexity.
  • A payment card is needed for backup. A backing credit or debit card is needed on file – in case of overuse. We don’t charge your card until your credit runs out.
  • Use credit for licensing and add-ons. You can’t use credit against professional services.

Work out what you need

All you need to do is estimate how much credit you want – then request a quote. The example below clarifies how to do this.

  • Let’s say you are currently on the Pro – Monthly plan with 20 members. That means you’re paying $600/month right now – our standard pricing.
  • You decide that you want to switch to our Pro – Annual plan. That gives you an immediate benefit of 2 months free (out of 12 months).
  • You estimate that in the next 2 years – you will expand to 80 members (from 20 members today). You decide that you are able and willing to pay upfront for 80 users.
  • You request Tallyfy to quote for a purchase of $48k in credit. You worked it out like this – the retail cost would be $300 per member/per year for Pro – Annual * 80 members = $24,000. For 2 years that would be $48,000 in total.
  • We get back to you with a quote – which includes a discount. You get $48k in credit, but you actually pay less than $48k. Your payment would need to be via wire or ACH to our US bank account.

Any credit you purchase does not expire for 5 years. You don’t need to worry if you don’t use up all your credit within the time you estimated above. It will just sit in your account (like a bank balance).

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