Boost Productivity with No-Code BPM Software for Small Businesses

Until recent years, BPM software has only been available for enterprise organizations. The tools were hard to set up, clunky and extremely expensive, making it inaccessible for companies that don’t have a 6-figure budget.

The days of Legacy BPM, however, are over. A lot of the new software companies offer the BPM process management capabilities at a reasonable price tag, making it affordable for businesses of any size.

The Problem with Legacy BPM Software

It would be hard to find a business that wouldn’t benefit from using BPM software. The software allows you to…

While the benefits are extremely clear, until recently, BPMS was only accessible for enterprise companies. The legacy software (that is, older systems) is hard to set up, as you need to install it on-site, as well as integrate it with your existing systems.

This makes the whole process extremely expensive and time-consuming. And to make things even worse, most legacy BPMS is very rigid. To set up your procedures, you need to have them designed and installed by specialized engineers – and you can’t even make any changes afterward. Once you’ve set up your processes, you’re stuck with them, unless you pay even more to have the right specialist fix them up.

And that’s where no-code BPM software comes in.

No-Code BPM Software for Small Businesses

New SaaS-based BPM software, such as Tallyfy, makes process management easier than ever before.

The software is built with small to medium size businesses (SMBs) in mind, eliminating all the complexities that BPM software is known for.

Such software is…

Easy to Setup & Configure

As we’ve already mentioned, traditional BPM requires an army of engineers & 2 months+ to set up.

No-Code BPM, on the other hand, is built on the cloud, so you don’t need to set it up locally. All you have to do is sign up online and give access to your employees.

And unlike legacy BPM, you can configure the software to your needs yourself. i.e, create and edit processes, integrate it with your favorite SaaS tools, etc.


The easy setup allows companies like Tallyfy to charge 100x less than your average BPM software company. The prices range from 10 – 15$ per user for each month. Or, if you still haven’t decided if the software is good, you can always start for free.

With Legacy BPM, you always run the risk of…


To even use legacy BPMS, your employees need special training and coaching. No-code software is built with your team in mind.

It’s so simple that anyone can use it to build processes, as well as operate the software.

To make process creation even easier, some companies offer template you can use to help get you started. You can then either just stick to the templates, or customize them for your own needs.

The ease of use allows you to start using the software within departments or teams, rather than making the commitment straight off to install it company-wide.

You can learn more about the differences between the two software types using the following graph…

No-Code BPM Software VS Legacy BPM 

No-Code BPM Software 

Legacy BPM Software 

Setup TimeInstant online sign-up1-2 months to finalize the deal, 6+ months to set it up
FeaturesGeneric process management features: process set up, automation, enforcement, etc.Basic features + Enterprise management tools
PricingAvg. 10 USD / Month / UserInstallation fee on quote, extra fees for consultations, configurations, etc.
User ExperienceNo-code. Can be used by a non-technical employee after an hour of playing around with itSpecial training needed to use the software
IntegrationAPI integration with 3rd party SaaS softwareLimited & expensive integrations
Starting with No-Code BPM software is free. Why don’t you give it a try and see how you could digitize and automate your processes? If, on the other hand, you’re stuck deciding between different software providers, check out our guide to different BPM tools.

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