What is Tribal Knowledge and How Do You Capture It?

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One thought on “What is Tribal Knowledge and How Do You Capture It?

  1. Dhruvakumar Shukla Reply

    Very good article ! I agree that Tribal knowledge and information is one of the basic foundation of success and ease of operation in any manufacturing facility across the globe. Only few people/persons are well aware with the ultimate result of it i.e. Quality of the Product so it is always desired right ?
    But, here is the thing. Such knowledge or simple procedure to carry out or perform the activities, now we need to document it so that it becomes the procedural document or we can say SOP or WI for that particular manufacturing facility. As such, it is good to have Tribal Knowledge (TN) within the company/facility….however, it is equally important to document it, share it, using frequently as training resource tool, awareness program in order to have it established !

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