Future Proof Your Operations and Run Lean Workflows Enterprise-Wide

Tallyfy is the only platform that solves your entire journey towards the profound benefits of automated operations as a real competitive advantage.

Tallyfy is for modern leaders in operations and IT. It’s the only workflow platform that anyone inside or outside your company can understand within 60 seconds. It makes operational excellence practically achievable at enterprise scale. We truly understand digital transformation and how you can practically deliver great client experiences at scale.

Digitize your processes on a super-easy platform that’s cloud-born and API-first

Structured workflow is vital. It takes 25 minutes to focus on a task after getting distracted. (This means that email and chat are not for processes) — New York Times.

Successful workflow software projects (on modern platforms) had no less than a 10% IRR (internal rate of return) with some as high as 360% IRR. — Gartner.

Tallyfy is delicious. Really love how we can make tasks repeatable and how we can send webhooks to update a CRM or any other application. — HM Government

Calm the “self-directed” chaos with process governance at an enterprise scale

Get the controls, roles and permissions you need to scale process ownership and authoring at an enterprise scale.

Moderate process improvement and feedback to specific process owners to ensure continuos improvement.

Automate tasking and ownership to maintain processes and prevent stale content from existing.

Automate your recurring processes in minutes 💪

Assign, automate, track and train in one, beautiful system. It's amazingly easy and deliciously powerful.

Auto-document and track workflows with other people in real-time

Tallyfy Pro - A Demo

Workflow software that IT and business users will both like

The easiest enterprise-ready workflow platform available today.

Define your forms, approvals and processes
Start with everyday needs
One place to see your services and processes
Kick off approval workflows using web forms
Update SOP’s to eliminate versioning chaos
Define who does what, when and how
Real-time workflows for employees and clients
Be the best manager on Earth
Works without leaving Outlook or Gmail
Integration in minutes via webhooks and API
Real-time tracking for all your approvals
Automated rules for approvals
Process improvement for any size of business
Gain competitive advantages
Handle process variation without flowcharts
Integrate via open API and SSO
Integrate AI or RPA into tasks
Stream analytics to your BI

What is the ROI?

Tallyfy is built as an integration-first platform

Data residency

We can offer you the option to host your instance in any given AWS region – to comply with privacy and compliance rules.

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