Published November 11, 2016  in Customer Success

Improve Communications to Keep Customers

The bottom line of any business is increasing sales. As a result, many business owners focus on attracting new customers through various means—traditional advertising, digital marketing, inbound marketing etc. This article covers a very important aspect of decision-making from a customers’ point of view – improve communications.

Research firm TARP has found that for every person who complains, there are 26 who do not. That means if 10 customers complain, another 260 may have quietly dumped you, never to call again. To know what customers are thinking, ask them.Ben McConnell

However, it’s important to keep in mind that keeping customers is as important, if not more so, than attracting new ones. As this article from Entrepreneur points out, “Your existing customers are 14 times more likely to buy from you than a new customer.” This is especially true when you’re selling the kind of product that needs to be bought frequently, like clothes, groceries, cleaning supplies, light bulbs etc.

There are also products that only need to be bought once a decade or even less frequently, like refrigerators, cars, and homes. But even when it comes to these, customer retention is important. Someone who just bought their starter home through you might remember what a great experience they had and what a great deal you managed to get for them. As a result, they might consult you ten years later, when they’re looking for a larger home for their family. Hence, the reason to improve communications changes in this context.

In such cases, one sale counts for a great deal, because the product that’s being purchased is an expensive one. So even if you can get the customer to come back to you once every ten years, you’ll be turning a profit.

The question is, how do you get this to happen? How do you get customers to turn to you when they’re purchasing products for both, the short-term and the long run? Here are a few tips:

Communicate – To Improve Communications

The key to customer retention is improving communication. And it’s important to remember that if you want to improve communication – it goes both ways. You need to communicate better with your customer and they need to communicate better with you. As this article from Phoenix Business Journal points out, it’s important to create an emotional connection with your customer and this is best done via communication.

Embrace Change To Improve Communications

As times change, so do people’s needs. When cell phones first started becoming popular, they didn’t have all the high-tech features we see in them today. People considered themselves lucky if they could just pick up a clunky phone, no matter where they were, and dial someone.

Now, people want sleek phones with a number of apps, internet access, a capacity to play music, read books, send text messages etc. A company in the forefront of the cell phone industry twenty years ago would no longer be in the forefront now if it didn’t change with the times.

Streamline Processes to Improve Communications

As a business owner, you have to be in touch with everything that’s going on within your company. This might seem difficult, almost impossible, and most business owners have struggled with it at one point or the other.

You might give someone a task to do and it may not get done, even if that person is one of your best employees. You’ll have to keep track of the status of the task, intervening a few times, to make sure it’s accomplished. You may have to change the scope of the task or even assign it to someone else during the process. All of this points to one thing – improve communications.

Although many business owners might be tempted to do everything themselves, this isn’t an option, once your business grows beyond your garage. So what can you do to make sure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently, in order to keep customers you already have?

Do YOU have any personal tips & tricks for improving communication? Let us know down in the comments!

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