Why people really feel like using Tallyfy

In modern management – forcing people to do things does not work.

Cloud and mobile apps have succeeded because they make everyday work easier and simpler. If people inherently adopt a tool without being instructed – this totally changes the game for adoption and change management.

This guide highlights what we’ve done to solve this, along with what you need to do. We have published a separate guide for process mapping which comes right at the beginning of your Tallyfy project.

Most IT projects and vendors are failing because of poor adoption.

We pay special attention to this problem.

If all this gets too much for you, we offer services to help you – so please get in touch.

How to tackle adoption issues

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From every perspective

What different roles in a company can gain from Tallyfy.

What we’ve done

What we’ve baked into our product.

What you need to do

What you need to consider at management level

Get things done

Tallyfy guides decisions and makes your life easy

  • Do a process perfectly - without stress and mess.
  • No need to update everyone about progress.
  • Never worry about forgetting something important.

Track & manage

Real-time visibility and control

  • Track the progress of everything in real-time - on any device.
  • Never worry about missing problems or issues.
  • Ensure accountability, continuous improvement and efficiency.

Improve processes

Speed up and improve processes

  • Scale your business easily with reliable consistency.
  • Get real metrics on bottlenecks. No more guesswork.
  • Gain a real competitive advantage.

What we’ve done to encourage adoption

Make it brilliantly easy to use

If you need a manual or expensive training to understand a product, you have failed. Our usability studies show that when people get an invite to a “run” – they start interacting and seeing what to do within 22 seconds. You really can’t fail by keeping it simple.

Make the value seriously easy to understand

There is no need to convince people to use something if it makes their job simpler and easier. We try to get to the point to demonstrate the clear value – for different roles in a business.

It’s about collaboration

You may be used to talking about “business processes” or “compliance” but those words fill many people with dread. Tallyfy allows people to talk within our tool – it’s open, free, easy and human. Most process tools treat people like they are robots. We know people are humans.

It fits into existing habits

Everyone uses email. We send out a daily digest that’s more than just your tasks. It’s got conversations you might have missed, stats that make you proud, and much more. Imagine getting the most personal and useful newsletter imaginable, every morning.

We give you open integration

If you want to invest in integrating Tallyfy properly into your systems, we are part a new generation of tools that allow you to do that – openly. You don’t even need us – your own IT or programmers can do it! Since there’s no lock-in – you can integrate Tallyfy into the tools that people use everyday.

Gamification is not the answer

After thinking about the subject of gamification for a long time – we realized that gamifying our app was not the answer to adoption. Instead, we have adopted a much more lightweight approach – simple, positive reinforcement.

What you need to do – on your end

Involve the people actually doing processes

Whilst it’s very tempting to assume managerial responsibility as a “process owner” – you need to create a sense of ownership amongst the people who will actually use the product. Involve them deeply, early and quickly.

Pick the right processes

We have a separate guide on which processes work best on Tallyfy.

Lead from the top – and by example

If management and executives have no involvement or ownership in the pilot and roll-out of the product, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

Encourage peer-to-peer stories amongst colleagues

If people find the tool very useful and easy – ensure that you are not communicating this like it’s PR or marketing material. Allow people to share their genuine experiences, in the way that works for them.

Plan the pilot and post-pilot – really well

A botched communications plan and poor investment in giving Tallyfy a try is setting yourself up to fail. We know change is hard, and nothing “new” becomes successful without planning. We are uniquely equipped to help you.

Make sure your processes are always done right.
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Streamline your processes. Assign and automate.



See problems & progress in real-time. Prevent mistakes and delays.



Pinpoint bottlenecks & inefficiencies. Continuously improve.



Offer staff/clients visibility. Always ensure excellence

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