Transforming the Customer Journey

The aim of every company selling a product or providing a service is to find and retain customers through a predictable journey. However, keeping your customers is easier said than done. This is why many companies have started focusing on customer success and thinking about the customer journey.

At first, these terms may just sound like jargon but they’re actually quite simple to understand. Consider the term “customer journey.” What does it sound like? Everyone has heard the phrase “being on board” in a journey. When you’re “on board” with something, that means that you agree with its aims; you’re “in.” You’ve committed yourself, at least temporarily, to a certain course of action.

A customer journey refers to getting the customer to this stage. It happens when the customer tries out your product or service, finds it useful in the way that they want and commits to using it.

According to this article from Huffington Post, “a talent for strategic relationships is really a hybrid of nature and nurture.” Although some people naturally have what it takes to work in the fields of customer success and customer journeys, it’s also possible to train your staff to focus on your customer and get them through their journey.

The Customer Journey Around Onboarding

Think about it from your own point of view. The last time you went shopping for a new dress, what type of customer journey did you go through?

This is the point that you want to get your customer to – via mapping an effective customer journey.

Working Towards A Customer Journey

When it comes to dresses, the customer might get on board when they wear them for the first time. But when it comes to different types of products, using them for some time might be necessary before the customer is onboard. Plus, you might need to work with the customer more, in order to show them the correct use of the product and its many advantages.

Ways to Share A Customer Journey

Having understood the concept of onboarding and the necessity of getting a customer through the customer journey – you still need to figure out the various ways in which this can be done. The type of product or service you’re selling as well as the demographic that you’re trying to appeal to can influence the way in which you go about onboarding your customer.

Streamlining your business processes is a great way of making sure that you give tracking a customer journey – the time and energy it deserves. With an app like Tallyfy, you make sure that all your processes are done in the time allotted to them and in the way that you want them done. Not only does this make things simpler for you, as a business owner, it also makes sure that your customer gets the attention they need. You can assign customer journey tasks, keep track of whether they’re getting done and simplify them in the long run.

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