Welcome to customers of Capital One ™

This is your opportunity to get exclusive savings for Tallyfy.

Auto-document and track workflows with other people in real-time


What’s the deal?

Please see the Spring deal tile while logged in with your Capital One account to see details of the deal, and the coupon code.


Why Tallyfy?

Tallyfy is beautiful workflow software that turns daily tasks and approvals between any number of people into automated, repeatable processes – freeing up your time. It eliminates chaos from your processes – so that you don’t have to feel like this …

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Who’s eligible?

This offer is exclusively for Capital One customers.


How do I get the deal?

  1. Sign up for a free account on Tallyfy
    Invite coworkers – and decide if it’s perfect for you!
  2. When you’re ready – upgrade to a paid account via credit/debit card and use the coupon code provided in Spring to claim your discount. If you don’t have a coupon code – email support (at) tallyfy.com to request one.