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Tallyfy empowers business analysts and workflow professionals to deliver solutions in minutes or hours – without relying on IT and without flowcharts

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These are real comments about what business process analysts and process improvement professionals think of Tallyfy. Sensitive details and names have been removed.To schedule a call – scroll to the bottom!

Tallyfy minimizes the need for a process documentation and training of employees BPR consultants generally churn out Process Manuals and train the existing users (plus conduct Train-the-trainer sessions as well). However, the future employees are trained with second-hand knowledge and process documentation may be outdated and cumbersome to read and comprehend
Tallyfy eliminates the fade-out effect of a BPR (or a Process Improvement) project for a Business Process Analyst. Once the BPR consultants move out, the Process Owners start relaxing (generally speaking). The process monitoring team — which generally is part of corporate IT — will play a passive role. The end result is a gradual fade- out of the effects process improvement.
I just realized that in my 7 years of BPR life, the first time I heard of Tallyfy is today! Am sharing the following merely as observations from someone currently outside Tallyfy but I’m in the BPR domain.

Tallyfy enables organizations to require compliance with: new employees, best practices, for standard work, track performance proactively, etc. Any change is very hard for employees, but sustaining that change is even harder — we Business Process Analysts know this!

Tallyfy allows a non-technical user to transform processes & procedures into re-usable checklists making it possible to not only track the status and progress of task/processes — but also to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of processes. This allows for process improvement based on real quantifiable results as opposed to ‘opinion’. I can see how this can be used for performance measurement and how it can be used by audit to evaluate compliance. A Business Process Analyst would find it very useful.

Having worked in Lean, I know that the hardest part of an initiative is sustaining success. So often, reliable methods or standardized work documents are created and then filed away in a binder, never to be used (and outcomes never to be measured). I think your company is so clever to make reliable methods convenient and to collect data on their usage. Based on my experience in healthcare, I believe that your company could make a huge impact in high reliability organizations (i.e. hospitals, airline industries, or other organizations that require fewer than normal accidents). There are safety benefits of following standardized methods, not to mention quality/cost/delivery outcomes that result. I think Tallyfy has huge potential, and I only wish I had thought of it first!

There could be many processes that are crucial for a business to get consistent and get them right. Processes enable businesses to scale. I understand Tallyfy does exactly that and, small businesses use Tallyfy to scale and grow. Not doing things right doesn’t help business grow. Tallyfy I presume is the next generation BPM tool designed for non-technical people as well to use and excel. Tallyfy is a cloud app that allows anyone to track the status of many processes going on at the same time — within a real-time dashboard. Examples of repeatable processes include client onboarding, guided sales and compliance checks — which need to be done on time, consistently and without mistakes. Tallyfy helps collect valuable data about the effectiveness and efficiency of processes. This allows customers to improve their processes using real data that comes from user activity.

Having worked with many companies as a Business Process Analyst, I have witnessed first hand how little tasks even large ones some times can slip through the cracks creating HUGE problems, the Tallyfy app puts a stop to this ensuring no process or step is skipped. This ability to ensure that processes are followed and items don’t slip through the cracks allows the business to make clear decisions and view the status of projects in real time.

Tallyfy provides a unique solution that enables ease of sustainability of any process improvement initiative. It ensures that once an operational model or process has implement there is compliance. There are several lean six sigma initiatives that have failed due to lack of compliance of the new process put in place, Tallyfy ensures that any changes are met. It also helps illustrate the enhancements performed by the new process by providing real time data, as a Business Process Analyst.

Business Process Automation is the greatest value you can offer to your customers. To be able to track the continuous changes happening in a business, then automate the processes and connect all departments and systems together and finally present it in a appealing and understandable dashboard, is something every single business from SMEs to large corporations need. This is a dream for an analyst!

The uniqueness is that Tallyfy is providing minute by minute updates on current company processes which enables the company to monitor and check that their newly rolled out processes are being used. From my consulting experience many companies create and implement efficient new strategies but fail to see or gain the intended results; I believe this is because they assume (rather than know) that the new processes are being employed. If employees have not bought on to the new process, they will find a work around, what Tallyfy does is give instant feedback on the usage of the new process, and highlights where the process is breaking down. Most companies have to wait months to see feedback or realize that their process is not fully being utilized, what is unique with Tallyfy is that it instantly shows if the process is being used, and where it is not. Instant feedback creates an agile work environment which usually leads to increases in efficiency, productivity and profitability for a Business Process Analyst.

I believe the following are some unique features and differential advantages of the product:

  • Complete audit trail of the processes
  • Kaizen on the fly
  • Tracking with user-friendly dashboards, etc.

… which business process analysts really need.

Activates the efforts and intent of business process redesign / flow charts in a usable way to affect change. Simple and elegant automation of business process tools. Provides realistic opportunity to wean businesses away from cumbersome (and inaccurate) spreadsheets, emails and manual tracking methods for their key projects. Visually interesting and usable PM tools combining work breakdown structures, a rules engine, calendaring and team and external communication platform. I am absolutely intrigued by Tallyfy. I’ve worked on business process improvement projects over the past decade with small, entrepreneurial start-ups to multi-million $$ projects for business and government. How I wish I had Tallyfy in place on the multiple projects I worked on the past!

I believe Tallyfy is unique in offering tracking, assurance and ease of use to an organization. It can be plugged into any system and the organization can start visualizing the results. I think this could transform the job of a Business Process Analyst.

I’m so passionate about business process management, that I’ll be delivering the highest quality processes to your clients and they will be happy to request more services from you after seeing dramatic improvement in their processes — as a Business Process Analyst, this is certain to transform our value prop and role!

One of the challenges I have experienced in leading small and large organizations alike is the ability to plug and play people because the processes are so well defined and automated that you could teach the process and get the desired result every time. This really frustrates me as a Business Process Analyst. While that usually happens in departments or areas of the business with strong leadership that excels, it is very difficult to scale. I see Tallyfy as a tool that organizations can implement that allows the pockets of excellence they already have to scale throughout the organization without merely relying on a handful of extraordinary leaders that have that skill set. Tallyfy simplifies the rollout and the process.

As a process improvement consultant, I love being able to give business owners the ability to create a stable, viable process. Most of my process mapping efforts are out-of- date weeks after I get the SMEs into a room to diagram the process, because they aren’t being incentivized to adhere to the process that they laid out. I have experience with another workflow tool, K2. The issue with K2 is that it required developers to create and update processes. That meant that we rarely got a workflow developed because there were always higher priorities for our developers. By creating a workflow tool that is configurable by non-developers, Tallyfy will be able to be used and managed by process managers. This will speed adoption because every manager can create their own workflows, rather than waiting for development resources to create workflows one-by-one. Once you get a critical mass of workflows in Tallyfy, then the culture of the company shifts towards it being a part of normal operations. This causes the rate of adoption to increase and creates a long-term partnership between Tallyfy and its customers. The biggest problem with the “data revolution” happening in the corporate world today is that its easier to collect data than to develop actionable intelligence. That’s the biggest problem faced by a business process analyst. In my time as a process improvement consultant, the biggest problem clients continually ask me to solve is, “What can my data tell me?”.

The very concept of building and running processes is very impressive and helping customers to have a very good view of how the system will work is a great concept. All the tools I’ve used so far are generally diagrams which need process owners to come together, understand and discuss the process improvements and issues offline. If this aspect is made so easy by a system, then it is sure to attract users, and I think process analysts can finally make change and efficiency happen.

An idle process map is no better than a non documented ad-hoc working environment and value prop of Tallyfy is not only documentation of process but also real time monitoring of process adherence which is so crucial. We struggle with the adoption and adherence aspect, as analysts for business processes.

Without this tool, business process management is always the responsibility of the technical people in the organization, process experts, engineers and so on. With Tallyfy the final user is able to create, configure and monitor the process, what seems to be a change of paradigm in which I would like to take part.

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