Processes are scattered, buried & complex

People use checklists and processes in Word and Excel documents. This makes any process cumbersome, hard to track and difficult to improve.

Processes also come in the form of flowcharts or workflows. They are useful look at, but they are not easy to actually “do” or track.

Processes in distributed teams are often done inaccurately and inefficiently. They are difficult to handle in the event of delays or problems.

Trust Tallyfy to schedule and run your distributed business processes

  • “Tallyfy has the right attitude for the new way of creating business solutions so that the technology is not in the way of the experience.”

    Andrew Woolfson Knowledge Director
    RPC - a leading law firm in London

  • “If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing.”

    W. Edwards Deming

  • Simplify your processes

    Everyone knows that checklists help you avoid errors and work accurately. Tallyfy breaks down any scattered process into a clear, actionable checklist – complete with responsibilities and deadlines.

  • Track progress & problems

    Prioritise and deal with delays, problems and even – process improvements. Tallyfy helps you schedule and manage routine work, within any size of team. Track everything in real-time, on any device.

  • Improve your processes

    Tallyfy Analytics helps you see where the bottlenecks are within your processes. Make better decisions on how to improve your processes using real metrics, resulting in better business outcomes.

  • Share your processes

    You can freely invite customers and partners to take part in a process. Delight everyone with visibility about the status and next-steps for any process. This improves overall satisfaction and strengthens your relationships.

  • We are proud SAP partners - leveraging SAP Hana for real-time processing and in-memory analytics

  • Tallyfy is an Oracle Gold Partner, working with Fusion CRM to help their customers sell more through our plugin for Oracle

  • Tallyfy is a proud member of the Microsoft BizSpark programme

  • We are proud to have won an award from Arch Grants - a highly competitive startup accelerator in the United States

  • Tallyfy received a highly competitive, equity-free grant from the Government of Chile