Do recurring processes accurately and efficiently

Prevent mistakes and delays. Maintain consistency. Achieve high quality outcomes.

Simplify, Track and Measure Business Processes

Trust Tallyfy to schedule and run your distributed business processes

  • “Tallyfy has the right attitude for the new way of creating business solutions so that the technology is not in the way of the experience.”

    Andrew Woolfson Knowledge Director
    RPC - a leading law firm in London

  • “If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing.”

    W. Edwards Deming

Simplicity through checklists

Break down any scattered process into a simple, actionable checklist with deadlines. Using our checklists will ensure consistent and predictable outcomes – every time.

Simplicity through checklists

Tracking for managers

Track progress in real-time. Get real-time alerts about delays, problems and even improvements. Manage your priorities and promote accountability.

Tracking for managers

Measure and improve

Produce valuable analytics to gauge time, quality and cost metrics on any process. Make better decisions and grow your business faster – with higher quality processes.

Measure and improve

Involve customers and partners

Selectively involve customers and partners into the right steps within your checklists. This makes everything you do transparent, in real-time. Delight everyone with real-time visibility to improve customer satisfaction.

Suits any business

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, Tallyfy can deliver serious business benefits. Not just for one process – but all your processes.

  • We are proud SAP partners - leveraging SAP Hana for real-time processing and in-memory analytics

  • Tallyfy is an Oracle Gold Partner, working with Fusion CRM to help their customers sell more through our plugin for Oracle

  • Tallyfy is a proud member of the Microsoft BizSpark programme

Break things down to steps in a checklist

Tallyfy can transform processes on paper, Excel/Word or even BPM tools into structured, user-friendly and actionable checklists.

Breaking it down into steps makes everything a lot simpler. Tallyfy is not built to look at processes – it’s built to actually do processes.

Track everyone & everything in real-time

See progress, problems and delays – quickly and visually.

Management by exception – finally done right

See what you need to do - clearly

Tallyfy automatically generates your prioritised task list - all in real-time.

The inbox – without the mess of email

Custom scheduling & flexible processes

When you start running a checklist on Tallyfy, you can select exactly which steps need to be done! For each step – you can also change the suggested deadline.

Tailor processes from best practices – without losing control

You can collaborate right next to processes

Be aware of background information with notifications about conversations that surround processes where you’re involved. In Tallyfy, a conversation relates directly to the process, in context.

Combine loose conversation with structured processes, properly

Continously improve your processes

Crowdsource suggestions to improve any step in a checklist.

Tallyfy measures the impact of an improvement and individual contributions – before and after it was made, so you don’t have to guess if an improvement worked or not.

Apply Kaizen – continuous process improvement properly, for the first time.

Measure & analyse your processes

See everything that needs management easily – down to the tiniest step. We offer analytics solutions that will revolutionise the way you make decisions.

Discover the insights you’ve been missing.

Integrate other systems with easy rules

Tallyfy can push/pull from any system, using open standards. Whether it’s cloud tools, enterprise platforms or on-premise platforms, you can do it all – easily.

You can build IFTTT (If This Then That) rules which can even do actions on other systems. This allows non-technical users to glue together different systems with zero coding.

Link to the web and beyond.

  • Tallyfy received a highly competitive, equity-free grant from the Government of Chile

  • We are proud to have won an award from Arch Grants - a highly competitive startup accelerator in the United States