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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go through our vendor onboarding process?

Yes, we would expect to – and we’d be happy to. We don’t want to be used outside the view and support of IT in any organization. We will gladly go through your security process, legal review, MSA or privacy agreements as necessary. For compliance needs – we also have a lot of experience in satisfying the requirements of the most demanding and regulated environments. A bit more about our posture when it comes to all this is here and here. We are SOC 2 Type II attested.

Can you define the specific roles available in Tallyfy?

Our pricing is divided into two roles – a price for members in Light role, and another price for members in Full role. A Full role inside our app means that the member is either in Standard role or Administrator role. As you will see on the table above the key difference between Light and Full members is that Light members cannot edit or create templates.

If I change the role of a member will pricing change immediately?

Yes – all our billing is in real-time. If you switch a member in Standard or Administrator role down to Light role, the change will be effective immediately. Any days left for that member for either the monthly plan or the annual plan will be credited to your account. If you do the opposite – which is upgrade a Light role member to a Standard or Administrator role, the change is also immediate – we will first work out the credit due from the days left in this billing period on the Light role, and then charge what remains to either your credit balance (if any credit is left) or to your payment card. More about how credits work is below. Think of credit as a balance that sits in a bank account.

What’s the difference between a member and a guest?

A member is someone who works in your company – and needs to use Tallyfy regularly. A guest is a transient user outside your company who only needs to use Tallyfy once or rarely. We distinguish members from guests using domain names. If your company has a domain name – then all email addresses ending with are automatically considered members. A guest also has far less capability in terms of features, and they can only see the tasks they are assigned to.

Any non-profit discounts?

Yes – we do offer these to qualifying organizations. Please read more about this here.

Is the cost of the Tallyfy Analytics add-on applied to all members?

Yes, the add-on cost for Tallyfy Analytics applies to all members. That’s means members in all roles – Light, Standard or Administrator. Please note that Tallyfy Analytics is a streaming data service – it’s not the actual analytics interface. You will need a BI or similar system to ingest the results and produce visualizations. See this page for more information.

What happens if midway through a year or month I disable a member?

Tallyfy operates very differently to other SaaS and cloud companies. If you disable a member at any point on either an annual or monthly plan – you get a pro-rated credit back on your account. The pro-rated credit is calculated by the day. So for example – if a year has 365 days – and you disable a member on the annual plan on day 100, you will get a credit back that’s worth 265 days. You don’t lose anything by choosing the annual plan. It’s a no-brainer to go annual.

How do credits work?

Credit is like putting money in a bank account. It’s just stored there, with no obligation to spend it right away. The amazing thing about credit is that it gets rid of all your pains – no quotas, no minimum spends, no complexity. When you disable a member (see the question above) the prorated credit goes back in to your account. Here’s more details:

  • You only pay for active members.
  • We draw down on your credit balance first, until it runs out. All accounts require a backup debit or credit card to cover overage. We don’t charge your card until your credit runs out.
  • Credit expires in 5 years. There’s no pressure to use it.
  • Credits eliminate complexity. You only pay for what you actually use. The rest remains on your credit balance
  • Use credit against licensing and add-ons. You can’t use credit against professional services.
  • We can’t give you a cash refund for any credit you’ve previously purchased.
  • Credit can only be paid via ACH/wire transfer to our US bank account. You can’t pay for credit via credit card or debit card.

Can I negotiate discounts?

It depends on your commitment and volume of spend. We suggest scheduling a chat with us and we’re always open to a discussion. We understand every company is different.

Tell me more about your Fair Price Guarantee (FPG)?

We noticed that for people in countries whose average GDP-per-capita was low – Tallyfy was simply unaffordable. In some cases, the pricing looked crazy and even though these companies wanted and needed Tallyfy – they simply couldn’t afford it. So – we invented a fair and fully transparent discount system that works for every country in the world. It was a world-first. FPG is a discount for life that goes all the way to 90% off for certain countries. The discount is based on the GDP-per-capita of your country. More information is here. It’s important to note that FPG is only applicable if the primary country for your organization and most of your members are based in that country and only for annual plans. A lot of companies talk about how they’re doing good things for the environment or for the world – but instead of just “talking the talk” we wanted to “walk the walk”. FPG demonstrates our commitment to providing the benefits of Tallyfy to anyone in the world.

Can I pay via manual invoices?

We can only do invoices for certain, large-scale purchases of credit. In all cases, a debit or credit card needs to be on file to cover overage – charges after your credit has run out. We don’t support manual invoicing outside of large purchases of credit.

When do I start paying for a member?

You only start being billed for a member when they actually activate their account. Here’s an example – you invite a coworker to Tallyfy (as a member). Let’s imagine the email was incorrect. That means that person never received the invite – because the email probably bounced. Since that member never activated their account, billing never starts for them. Billing only starts when a member activates their account. If you have Single Sign On – the member starts getting billed as soon as they sign in via their SSO link.

Can I see all billing history?

Yes – you can. We use a PCI-compliant third-party provider to manage all our billing. Each organization has a unique link where they can see and download all their previous invoices as well as change their credit or debit card details. This self-service link shows you real-time billing changes and a real-time view of your current credit if you have any. The private link billing link for your organization is available to Administrator roles within Settings > Billing inside Tallyfy.

Do you accept other currencies?

At present, we only accept US dollars. Tallyfy, Inc is domiciled in the US, with a US bank account. All payments need to be made to our US account in US dollars. The payment methods we accept are credit/debit cards, ACH and wire transfer. We do not accept paper checks in the mail.

Can I switch plans anytime?

You can switch plans anytime. You can start on monthly – and then go to annual later. Remember than if you go annual, you get a pro-rated credit when you disable a member. See the question above – “What happens if midway through the year – I disable a member on the annual plan?”. Therefore – the annual plan gives you savings immediately, and is equivalent to the monthly plan in that sense, at a lower cost.

How do I delete my account or terminate my subscription?

In Tallyfy any Administrator role can go to Settings > Billing and fill out the form which will open in a new tab when you click on “DELETE ACCOUNT”. Please note that any credit left, including any days left on your monthly or annual plan – are not refundable. Deletion is immediate and permanent.

What is the pricing for your other products?

This page only shows you pricing for our flagship product – Tallyfy Pro. Our other products publish their own pricing information separately. You can see all our products here.

Is Single Sign On (SSO) free?

Yes – configuring SSO is totally free. At Tallyfy, we don’t believe security should cost extra. We support a range of SSO and identity providers. If you use SSO in your organization, we strongly recommend configuring it. It’s also a lot easier for your users, because it means they don’t have yet-another-password to remember.

The journey to better operations

Documenting processes for people to read is a good beginning but it’s not going to solve any big problems. The much bigger and far more costly pain is tracking who is doing what in real-time.

This is the journey to automated operations

Is it possible to get 50x ROI per annum?

Enterprise add-ons

Multiple UI languagesView supported languages – FREE on all plans!

Multiple Content languagesReal-time content translation – subject to Azure’s pricing

SOC 2 Type II attestation – contact us

Custom Helpdesk – this feature allows your IT/helpdesk to take over first-line support. It works well for customers who have invested in a center of excellence that knows Tallyfy and can support users with their specific questions.

Custom Serverless Functions – to consume and handle events

Professional Services

Template Creation. Billed at hourly rates. Request help or see what we offer

REST API Integration · View API documentation

Anything Else? · Request help. That includes services like adoption planning, change management, integration plans, and more.