Run your operations on auto-pilot

“Tallyfy is deliciously complex and simple. Really love the control you have with tasks and whether you make them mandatory or not, repeatable and send webhooks to update a CRM or application. I would be very surprised if there is anyone that this application would not benefit.”

– Simon Rowe / Her Majesty’s Government

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Tallyfy Pro lets you bring all your know-how, playbooks, processes, SOP’s and forms into one system. Get organized. Track progress. Automate tasks. Stop worrying about the details.

Explain it once

Get your business out of your brain. Capture details about every playbook and procedure, without the mess of flowcharts and documents. Training and onboarding has never been this powerful and easy.

Track progress

Instantly turn your approval workflows, procedures and forms into trackable processes. Anyone can see the status of any request or task, anywhere, anytime. Stop all those wasted emails, chats and meetings.

Automate tasks

Put your processes and playbooks on auto-pilot. Tallyfy instantly shows or hides tasks based on powerful rules. Eliminate the stress of remembering every detail and every little if, but or when.

What can you use it for?


  • Structure inbound creative requests
  • Collect campaign ideas from sales
  • QA for content publishing


  • High touch client onboarding
  • Client feedback requests
  • Playbooks to triage common questions


  • Accounts receivable & payable
  • Purchase requests
  • Collect monthly data from teams


  • Self-service orientation for new employees
  • Incoming resource requests
  • Reimbursement and promotion requests


  • Organize incoming issues and ideas
  • Quality assurance
  • Product release processes


  • Triage requests to run custom playbooks
  • Add micro-RPA to people-driven processes
  • Consistent vendor and security checklists


  • Lead qualification
  • Automate contractuals and closes
  • Document and improve playbooks


  • Crowdsource data labelling for AI/ML
  • Manage human-in-the-loop workflows
  • Deliver insights "as a service"


  • Transform SOP's into engaging experiences
  • Crowdsource all company know-how
  • Measure and improve company know-how

Tallyfy pays for itself – many times over

Tallyfy costs less than a few cups of coffee per person, per month. People time can cost $44 per person, per hour. If you want to save a penny, you might lose a dollar.

Time wasted per person

1 hour

Number of employees


$ wasted per day


Future proof your scalability

Tallyfy is the only platform that takes you from capturing knowledge to automating workflows

… and it integrates nicely 🙂

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