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Rhonda Toston
Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE:JLL) is a Fortune 500 company with over 100,000 employees across 80 countries
Tallyfy provided us with a modern, global platform to automate, maintain, and cascade content to a wide array of stakeholders, effectively eliminating the need for our teams to ask, “Where can I find the latest version of a playbook?”. We are excited to continue our partnership with Tallyfy and welcome their growth-forward mindset as we deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders.

Run and grow your operations far better than your competitors

Everything you need to run operations in a single platform that people actually want to use

Document Processes

Process Without Stress

Track Workflows

Real-Time Status
Eliminate Busywork

Continuously Improve

Streaming BI Feeds
Operational Excellence

Saving 1 hour per person per month pays for Tallyfy

Which repeatable process will you create first?

Internal Workflows

New employee training
Financial approvals
Marketing workflows

Customer Workflows

End user onboarding
Client onboarding
Requests for Data

Document Workflows

Playbooks from templates
“Fill in the blanks”
Transactional documents

Create and run automated, scalable workflows on Tallyfy

Auto-document and track workflows with other people in real-time

This is Workflow Made Easy® – Document, Track, Automate, Improve. Nothing else comes close.

Capture any procedure

Document your template once. A template is like a recipe of your process. Stuck? Watch the best generative AI on the planet auto-generate your policy or procedure. It’s breathtaking! See more features.


Auto-generate processes via AI

eSOP’s for any device. No flowcharts. Color-coded steps

Add rich details

Explain “how” each step is done via text, photos and videos

Which role does what

Assign job titles, people or guests to every step

Measure reading statistics

Measure engagement on documentation for the first time

Forget sequential flowcharts

Parallel tasking is the default. It’s way more efficient

Process governance and updates

Powerful permissioning and maintenance cycles per template

Continuosly improve processes from feedback

Improve your processes via simple, crowdsourced comments

Real-time language translation

Create your blueprint once and auto-translate it to 90+ languages

Real-time status

See the status of any process without meetings, reports or busywork. You never need to ask for the status of a task or workflow again. Tallyfy auto-calculates task deadlines to fall within working hours. Digitize and track reminders, procedures, approvals, client workflows, forms, documents and status updates. See more features


Eliminate that feeling of “what’s going on?”

“Set and forget” reminders. “You’re up next” notifications

Clear and simple triggers

Launch your process in many different ways

Chat without the noise

Comments in context replace emails. Flag issues

See only what interests you

Filtering and presets that scale to any number of processes

Real-life isn’t predictable

Handle ad-hoc tasks. See clear audit trails of what happened

Real-time streams to any BI tool

Custom dashboards with streaming analytics to any system

Automated Actions

If you can say “if this then that” – you can automate it! Save countless hours for yourself and coworkers via conditional rules that anyone can use without any technical know-how. See more features


Visibility automation

Show the right task at the right time and hide the rest

Assignee automation

Always ensure the right people are assigned to a task

Deadline automation

Eliminate worries on deadlines by auto-changing deadlines

Webhook automation

Outbound and inbound webhooks to and from any system

Customer Workflows

Delight your customers with spectacular, branded experiences. Auto-remind them about tasks on a cadence you choose. Help them get information to you with zero friction. See more features


Public forms done right

Submitters can partly fill a form and return anytime

Your client’s dream come true

Unlimited, free guest invites with DIY sub-delegation

One link for life. No passwords.

Each guest gets a link. No signup or login eliminates friction

This is all about your brand

Set your logo and your colors. Set a custom sender address

Seen enough? No? There’s more!

“Fill in the blanks” for documents

Automate document production for sales proposals, playbooks, orders, etc. Make document templates and templatize frequent documents by just filling in some blanks and getting your document. Stop wasting time editing documents manually

Auto-branded to your styling

Tallyfy allows you to set your own global CSS stylesheet that reflects your company branding. It brands all your content by default, with zero effort. No need to waste all those hours on manual formatting

Workflow skills without the bills

We guarantee our customers unlimited, free 25-minute calls for life. Speak to our team of amazing experts anytime


Everything IT & compliance needs


SOC-2 compliant
BIMI compliant
HSTS compliant
Free SSO
$5m Insurance
BI Streaming
Create and run automated, scalable workflows on Tallyfy

Auto-document and track workflows with other people in real-time