The easiest way to train and grow your team

“By making ourselves write down our processes and know-how in a dedicated place – we can now ensure that steps are never missed or done out of order. There’s fewer mistakes and a lot of time is saved on training.”

– Len Gilbert / Digital Prism

Tallyfy Docs lets you capture all your know-how, playbooks, processes and procedures in one place. This frees everyone from worrying about missing small, important details. Everybody can focus on what matters – growing the business.

Explain it once

Capture tribal knowledge into a system. Gather details about every playbook and procedure, without the mess of flowcharts and documents. Training and onboarding has never been this powerful and easy.

Is it better than Word or Google Docs?

Don’t waste time fighting documents and flowcharts to do the essential things below.

Find what you need without trawling through a giant fileshare

Improve processes immediately via feedback from co-workers

No need to track versions and changes manually

Track what’s popular and see analytics on engagement

Works beautifully on any device – including tablets and phones

No need to waste countless hours on document formatting

Automate when and how every procedure gets reviewed and updated

Add engaging media like screencasts, videos, photos and voice

Write procedures that immediately convert to actionable workflows

Create conditional rules between steps in just a few clicks

Ensure your processes are searchable directly from other systems

Tallyfy pays for itself – many times over

Tallyfy costs less than a cup of coffee per person, per month. People time can cost $44 per person, per hour. If you want to save a penny, you might lose a dollar.

Busywork per person

1 hour



$ wasted per day


Future-proof your operations

Tallyfy is the only platform that takes you from capturing know how to automating workflows. Start risk-free, by having one place for all your know-how.

… and it integrates nicely 🙂

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