Make your company playbooks, SOP’s and processes far more engaging and useful by transferring them to Tallyfy[/pageTitle]
Is Tallyfy better than using Word or Google Docs?

Yes – see the details here. Don’t waste time fighting with the pains of documents and flowcharts.

Ensure hard, important knowledge stays current in one place

Improve processes with feedback and comments

No need to track versions and changes manually

Measure engagement via Google Analytics

Works beautifully on tablets and phones

Stop wasting countless hours on document formatting

Automate who updates every procedure and when

Add engaging media like screencasts, videos and photos

Write procedures that convert immediately to actionable workflows

Create conditional rules between steps in a few clicks

Search processes from your other systems like email and chat

Tallyfy Docs lets you capture all your know-how, playbooks, processes and procedures in one place. This frees everyone from worrying about missing small, important details. Everybody can focus on what matters – getting things done.

Explain it once

Capture tribal knowledge in one place. Gather details about every playbook and procedure, without the mess of flowcharts and documents. Training and onboarding has never been this easy.

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Tallyfy pays for itself – many times over

Tallyfy costs less than a cup of coffee per person, per month. People time can cost $44 per person, per hour. If you want to save a penny, you might lose a dollar.

Future-proof your operations

Not impressed yet? Get this. Tallyfy is the only platform that instantly converts a process designed just to read (the starting point) into a workflow that’s actionable and trackable in real-time. That’s the future of smooth operations and continuous improvement.

… and it integrates nicely 🙂