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You can create a project using the endpoint POST /projects.

​​ Authentication

The following header is required for all API calls:

  • X-Manufactory-Auth - Manufactory access token

​​ Required keys

  • org_id (required) string - Manufactory org ID.
  • name (required) string - The desired project name.
  • description (required) string - A description for the project.
  • timezone (required) string - The preferred timezone for displaying dates. For example, New York (Eastern) would be America/New_York. A complete list of valid timezones (All timestamps are stored in UTC timezone, this selection is intended for displaying only)

​​ Request example

    "org_id": "master",
    "name": "Prod",
    "description": "A project for prod data",
    "timezone": "America/Chicago"

​​ Response example

    "org_id": "xyz",
    "project_id": 10003,
    "name": "Prod",
    "description": "A project for prod data",
    "timezone": "America/Chicago",
    "created_at": "2023-02-08 17:13:26",
    "project_key": "***********************"