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​​ Create actors schema

You can create users schema using the endpoint POST /actors/schema.

​​ Authentication

The following header is required for all API calls:

  • X-Manufactory-Auth - Tallyfy jwt or Manufactory jwt

​​ Required keys

  • org_id (required) string - Manufactory org ID.
  • project_id (required) number - The project ID associated with this schema.
  • attributes (required) object - Pairs containing attribute name and the corresponding data type. A complete list of valid data types.
  • unique_id (required) string - The attribute that will be used as a unique ID for a actors profile to differentiate user profiles.

​​ Request example

  "org_id": "xyz",
  "unique_id": "email",
  "project_id": 12345,
    "City": "TEXT",
    "Country": "TEXT",
    "Email": "TEXT",
    "Username": "TEXT"

​​ Response example

  "message": "Actors schema created successfully"