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After successful authentication and getting client UUID along with actor profile ID, you can connect to our websocket server: wss://

Once a websocket connection is established you will receive a message Manufactory Collector ✅

The next step is that we need to pair the connection with the client/end-user. This is where actor profile ID and client UUID become active.

​​ Required keys

  • type (required) string - The message type, in this case we will be using auth.
  • org_id (required) string - Manufactory org ID.
  • project_id (required) number - The project ID associated with this schema.
  • actor_profile_id (required) number - The actor profile ID we got after authentication.
  • client_uuid (required) string - the generated UUID we got after authentication.

​​ Websocket message example

  "type": "auth",
  "org_id": "xyz",
  "project_id": 12345,
  "client_uuid": "e17a56a9-596f-40e6-b01c-d37136df1de8",
  "actor_profile_id": 1

​​ Websocket reply example

  "type": "auth",
  "status": "ok"

Now we are able to send actor’s generated events via the open websocket channel.