Tallyfy Labs is an independent division of Tallyfy

Fully-managed, white-labelled widgets, plugins and APIs for engineers and entrepreneurs

Our products will be rock-solid and reliable, enterprise-grade, SLA-driven, fully supported, actively developed and beautifully designed.

Tallyfy Tricorder

A Chrome extension that automatically generates step-by-step guides with screenshots via a user recording “how it’s done”. Coming soon

Brandable Chrome Extension + Serverless API

For any WYSIWYG editor that needs easy documentation. Contact Us.

Tallyfy Stardate

An API that takes in a deadline or a country and tells you if that date falls on a public holiday or non-working day for any country in the world. Coming soon

Serverless API

For any kind of task management app. Contact Us.

Tallyfy Quantify

A JS include and REST API that collects accurate seconds-viewed stats to record exactly how long an authenticated user spent actively looking at any given area of a web app – on any device. Coming soon

Client JS + Serverless API

For any SaaS/web app needing accurate engagement data. Contact Us.