Master how to work from home

Working Anywhere is not the same as Working Anytime

Level 1 – Trying to recreate the office

A lot of teams who are “suddenly remote” are at this level. Trying to recreate the office with video calls and chat results in low productivity and amplifies the problems that already existed in the office. Companies at this level spend massively more $$$ on real estate, instead of embracing a distributed culture and toolset.


  • Video calls
  • Chat
  • Conferencing


  • “Can we jump on a call right now?”
  • “Yea, maybe we should chat”
  • “Who was supposed to do that?”


  • Huge waste of expensive time
  • Constant interruptions
  • Work is chaotic and unpredictable

Level 2 – Starting to capture things

People start editing shared Microsoft Office or Google Docs to document decisions, actions, notes and points. You feel better because you don’t have to remember everything. It’s “written down somewhere”. It’s still untrackable – since static documents were never designed for accountability or structured workflows in a team.


  • Office 365
  • Google Suite
  • Knowledge capture apps


  • “We wrote it down. Did you do it?”
  • “I wasn’t sure what happens next”
  • “How does this normally work?”


  • Real-time discussion is recorded
  • Little or no consistency in work output
  • Can’t predict tasks, workflows or actions

Level 3 – Predictable. Calm. Productive.

The only way to be productive in a distributed team is to document what’s done, who does it, and how. Then automate how you track tasks. Working anytime (instead of real-time) is possible when processes are clear, documented, trackable, repeatable and improvable. Productivity shoots up to be even higher than in the office.


Yes – we know it’s sales-y, but:


  • “You can track it yourself”
  • “I know how to do that”
  • “You’ll know when your task comes up”


  • No need to be available in “real-time”
  • No interruptions – save hours per day
  • Less stress. Everyone’s happier.

Tallyfy works for Levels 1, 2 and 3

Tallyfy blueprints are far better than traditional process documentation and flowcharts. We started by documenting our workflows in one place and then moved on to automating them. Now, all our processes are being done much faster and with fewer mistakes!

- Dennis - Head of Operations at a mid-size US company / See more    stories

Stop losing tasks in the chaos of emails and chats. Find your playbooks, know-how, SOP’s and forms in one place. Track progress. Automate approvals. Stop worrying about the details.

Explain it once

Get your business out of your brain. Capture every detail about how every task is done – without the mess of flowcharts and documents. Your training and onboarding has never been this powerful & easy!

I want one place for all our how-to’s

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Track progress

Instantly turn your approval workflows, procedures and forms into trackable processes. Anyone can see the status of any request or task, anywhere, anytime. Stop all those wasted emails, chats and meetings.

I want to see the progress of workflows

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Automate tasks

Put your processes and playbooks on auto-pilot. Tallyfy instantly shows or hides tasks based on powerful rules. Eliminate the stress of remembering every detail and every little if, but or when.

I want to automate our tasks

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Get the power and control you're missing in other tools

Everyone must complete

Efficient teamwork requires a simple way to automate accountability. If 4 people are assigned - all 4 need to complete the task. Eliminate the stress of back-and-forth chats and emails to achieve consensus.

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This is not another comment

Commenting is great, until you're buried in an ocean of hundreds of random comments - and you have no idea what's actually important and what's noise. Report an issue to segment your chats beautifully.

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If this - then that

So many tasks are "Not applicable". Automate decisions to prevent mistakes. Reduce long, irrelevant lists into short, relevant tasks. Use rules to hide and show tasks. Make workflows amazingly clear.

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Structured fields

Collecting information via chat, email or documents is a mess - you get a jumbled pile of responses in random formats. Structured form fields in Tallyfy formalize responses and make data usable and organized.

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Approve / Reject

Make decisions so easy that it literally takes one click to move on. Save a ton of wasted time and prevent uncertainty and stress at work.

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Workflow Made Easy ® 🙂


  • Structure inbound creative requests
  • Collect campaign ideas from sales
  • QA for content publishing


  • High touch client onboarding
  • Client feedback requests
  • Playbooks to triage common questions


  • Accounts receivable & payable
  • Purchase requests
  • Collect monthly data from teams


  • Self-service orientation for new employees
  • Incoming resource requests
  • Reimbursement and promotion requests


  • Organize incoming issues and ideas
  • Quality assurance
  • Product release processes


  • Triage requests to run custom playbooks
  • Add micro-RPA to people-driven processes
  • Consistent vendor and security checklists


  • Lead qualification
  • Automate contractuals and closes
  • Document and improve playbooks


  • Crowdsource data labelling for AI/ML
  • Manage human-in-the-loop workflows
  • Deliver insights "as a service"


  • Transform SOP's into engaging experiences
  • Crowdsource all company know-how
  • Measure and improve company know-how

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